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It’s only fitting that the office of a distance-learning institution is colorful and stimulating. The NTI head office in Leiden, Holland, is a perfect suggestion of the way that learning colors one’s world. Designed by Liong Lie Architects, the office suffers from no shortage of chromatic stimulation and is a beautiful example of what can be done with limited resources.

The corporate colors found their way into the design of the office interior, with the whole rainbow bursting into an enthusiastic display all over the office. Subdued and reinvigorated by the white background against which they seem to come even more to life, they create a space where the dullness and monotony of the typical office has no place.

The dynamic chromatic scheme is not, however, the only actor here. Oversized prints of vivid landscapes open the space and seem to liberate the employees from the confinements of the office. These landscapes populate the walls, the partial partitions and even the ceiling with its summery blue sky pinpointed by innocuous clouds.

The designers managed to achieve a perfect balance between the need for privacy and the desire for an open space. In the call center, when seated, the employees feel they own and control their personal work space. When standing, the space opens and they can see and communicate with their colleagues.

The office is designed to accommodate different working needs and styles, with the addition of one-person focus rooms, work lounges with comfortable seating and privacy walls, and even the option of working at the bar. The need for a stimulating and fun office is essential for NTI, since education itself needs to check these boxes in order to be efficient. Even more, the relatively new world of distance education brings a certain flexibility to the lives of those who use these services, a concept that is perfectly illustrated by the non-traditional design of the NTI office.

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