Black-and-gold contemporary lighting fixture with unique shape and light configuration

One of the easiest ways to update a commercial space is through lighting. While paying attention to the quantity and direction of light or to the ingenious ways of using it to create just the right ambiance, remember that the look of your fixtures is equally important. We put together a list of contemporary lighting fixtures that have the look, presence and unique character able to create visual interest in one move.

Photo above: Aged Brass Black Solo Chandelier from AllModern

If you need to create a ceiling landscape that demands attention, light fixtures with a bold design are the way to go. A comtemporary take on the traditional cage lamp, this painted-aluminum Nova pendant combines two strong complementary colors with a tinge of pastel tones. The circular design has a strong presence without the bulk. The lamp’s chromatic tones can serve as a way to sum up the main colors of your space or to add the necessary visual statement to an otherwise subdued interior.

Coral and green cage-style pendant light

Contemporary Coral-and-Green Pendant Lamp Nova by Ago from 1stDibs

Drawing the eye upwards is an easy task with the customizable TRN C3 pendant lamps by Polish arstist and designer Pani Jurek. Made of hand-glazed ceramic and brass, the lamps area available in vibrant and earthy colors, and in the specific combinations of your choice. The unusual geometric built can be used to create unique configurations that draw mysterious scripts in the air. 

Customizable light fixtures in different colors and configurations

Customizable Pendant Lamp TRN C3 by Pani Jurek from 1stDibs

The Solo chandelier is an absolute stunner, perfect for elegant interiors in need of cool, unique details. Its ingenious shape gives this piece a fluid organic look, as if the fixture is created in front of your own eyes. The combination of aged brass, matte black and exposed bulbs gives it a perfectly balanced mix of formality and informality. Its dimmable feature helps you control the light and create the right atmosphere.

Brass chendelier with black details and exposed bulbs

Solo Chandelier from AllModern

Playing on a traditional built, the Sphaerae pendant light from Dechem combines two shapes into a minimalistic piece. The look calls to mind images of test tubes, which suggest a sense of adventure and discovery. The expectation does not dissapoint: When lit up, the two shapes become two separate entities, one lighter, the other one darker. The tinted glass softens the light for a warm atmosphere, and make the pendants appear clearly drawn against the background of your interior.

Spherical contemporary lighting fixtures made of tinted glass

Sphaerae Pendant Light from Dechem via DLaguna

Proving the great visual impact of simple geometric shapes, the Eva pendant elegantly hovers over your space like a semi-transparent cloud. The semicircular shape is ideal for angular interiors in need of a softening element. A few acrylic layers “hanging” over a metal rod create a pleasant feeling of an impromptu construction, which makes the look slightly informal and relaxed, despite its strict geometry. The pendant is available in 4 different colors and a few different styles.

Semicircular contemporary lighting fixtures in blue

Eva Pendant from Mint Bliss

The Dorcas dome hanging pendant light is the very definition of contemporary light fixtures. A simple shape is treated again in an unconventional way and ends up making a statement. The lightbulb is peeking from underneath a large white iron dome whose interior comes both in white and in vibrant tones. This touch of color provides a good opportunity to finish off your design with another reiteration of your chromatic scheme, while the nesting shape creates a fun peek-a-boo effect.

Dome-shaped contemporary light pendants with multicolored interior

Dorcas Dome Hanging Pendant Lamp from Artifact

These minimalist contemporary lighting fixtures come in different solid colors and finishes, and in a few combinations of basic shapes. It is their very simplicity that allows them to be convincing as statement pieces, especially when used in groups. The blocks of color they provide allow you to paint a vibrant yet elegant image.

Multicolored lighting fixtures with minimalist shapes in metallic, pastel and neutral tones

Minimalist Chandeliers from LampsWell

If you are looking for a fun light fixture, consider the Gross ceiling lamp by ByRydéns. Its celebratory vibes come from its resemblance to a cluster of colorful balloons. However, when adopting a monochrome design, the lamp looks elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for large spaces, the lamp has an exuberant presence and a very unique, almost surprising design.

Contemporary light fixture resembling a multicolored bunch of balloons

Gross Ceiling Lamp by ByRydéns from Nordic Nest

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