Sage patterned floor tile with green plant

While safe and convenient, the inclination to choose subdued colors or low-key patterns for floors belongs to timid designers. In fact, when used right, floor materials that bring in bold patterns and high contrasts can make an immense difference in the feel and unique character of a space. One of our favorite ways to achieve these memorable looks is by using patterned floor tiles, whether we choose to stay within the limits or neutral or pastel colors, or go bold with our chromatic options and designs.

Photo above: Anya Diamond Porcelain Tile from Wayfair

Hexagonal tile in gray and cream

Plot Cool Blend Tile by Bee Hive from Daltile

The reason for doing that is simple. Since floors offer such a large surface to play with, they also come with the opportunity to make a statement by being daring and unique. However, patterned floor tiles are not only a decorative choice. From a functional point of view, they can help you define certain areas, bring attention to a spot that is important as part of your space, and tie together all the colors of the interior for a general look that is balanced and visually relaxing, even if bold and different.

Patterned bathroom floor in blue and gray

Anya Diamond Porcelain Tile from Wayfair

In commercial interiors, patterned tiles help you dress up your floors in a manner similar to what a carpet would do in residential spaces, but without the maintenance. While many designers choose neutral flooring materials with minimal contrast, then spice them up with colorful accent pieces, patterned floor tiles go right against this approach. Besides the fact that they can define the look of your place as cool, hip, elegant or sophisticated, they simply look luxurious. They make it obvious that you are not looking for an easy solution, and that you invested a lot of thought and resources into a look that you believe in. 

Cafe interior with diamond-pattern floor tile in dark gray and white

Kings Ceramic Patterned Tile from Wayfair

Turning the safe rule of neutral floor colors on its head, heavily patterned floor tiles are generally paired with furniture and accent pieces that come in solid colors. This allows the floors to shine, but also emphasizes the colors and contours of the other element of design by contrast.

For the same reason, green plants also pair well with patterned floor tiles. When the pattern of the tiles echoes some other element of design or even the logo of a business, the visual effect is powerful. 

Bar interior with solid-green chairs and black-and-white patterned floor tile

Kings Ceramic Patterned Tile from Wayfair

For an even greater visual impact, allowing the same tile to continue onto the walls create a sophisticated look, especially in small spaces, where such an extensive use of patterns does not get the chance to become overwhelming. Surprisingly, the use of patterned tiles on both wall and floors does not turn them into the visual focus of the space, but rather draws attention to your furniture and accents. Provided that these bring in only minimal additional patterns or splashes of solid color, both neutral and bold chromatic accent choices are a great fit for this rich background. 

Black-and-white patterned walls and floors

Vivace Porcelain Tile from Wayfair

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