Unique 3D wall panels made of birch wood

If you want to give your business interior a major facelift and turn it from ordinary to spectacular, think walls. As the largest surface in your interior, walls hold an enormous decorative potential as a blank canvas for artistic creations. While you can go big with wall art such as oversized wall graphics, an elegant but equally striking option is using unique 3D wall panels that give your space more depth and can completely change its vibes. 

Photo above: Motivo wall panels by Francesco Lucchese and Inkiostro Bianco. Via archiproducts.com

Such panels create a multilayered effect that give the walls weight and make them part of the 3D world within them. They can also make any other wall decor superfluous, since they perfectly play this role. Depending on the material, they can bring in the luxurious, polished look of wood, the cool feel of metal, or the unique qualities of any other material to which they give shape. 

The Lineadeko 2022 Groove collection, for example, designed by Inkiostro Bianco and Lucchesedesign, uses birch wood to recreate a mood that has to do with memories of old architecture and its textured surfaces, with walls and columns that hold mysterious details. Using these nostalgic sources as inspiration, the collection is, however, contemporary and refreshing. Geometric patterns arranged in a multilayered fashion give the walls a strong character, far from the typical 2D painted surfaces.

3D wall panels with geometric patterns

Motivo wall panels by Francesco Lucchese and Inkiostro Bianco. Via archiproducts.com

The strong birchwood fiber makes these panels an excellent solution for areas that get a lot of use, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The deep colors are enriched even further by the play of light falling on the panels’ sculptural surface. 

Use of 3D wall panels in defining functional areas in open-space interiors

Lacunari wall panels by Francesco Lucchese and Inkiostro Bianco. Via archiproducts.com

Interlam creates sculpted architectural wall panels meant to be dramatic and visually convincing. The Art Diffusion collection, for instance, includes modular repeating and continuous patterns that allow designers to come up with displays as unique as their creativity. 

White wavy panels in hotel interior

SOU 009 wall panels from Interlam

The beauty of these 3D panels lies in their versatility. They are not relegated to the walls, but can be used to give extra dimension to other interior elements. In restaurants, bars, stores, lobbies or offices, 3D panels can turn the counter into the focal point of the room and use light to draw the eye towards it. 

Wall panels used as counter side treatment in bar design

SOT 002 wall panels from Interlam

Art Diffusion is a fascinating collection of unique 3D wall panels that are as many possible options for the business owner that wants to stand out. Whether used as a wall treatment for an eye-catching accent wall, on a small scale as a piece of wall art and to bring a structural or furnishing element center stage, or on a large scale for a dramatic flow of endless patterns in a hallway or lobby, 3D wall panels are unmatchable when it comes to character and visual drama.

Wall panel with contemporary geometric pattern

CB 15-3 wall panels from Interlam

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