Terrazzo tile flooring in neutral colors in residential interior design

While not a new option in the design world, terrazzo tiles seem to make a serious comeback into the newest and most hip commercial interiors of today. As a composite material that captures the beauty of glass, granite, marble or any other component that serves as its base, terrazzo is strong, durable and reliable. Its looks may be familiar, yet its decorative potential is far from exhausted.

Photo above: Le Ville Terrazzo Tile. Via archiproducts.com

Having deep roots in the history of construction and design (some say as far back as ancient Egypt), terrazzo is made of chips of material held together by a binding agent. This makes each piece unique and each design unrepeatable. It is maybe this very feature that makes it attractive to the eye that likes harmony, but yet is interested in detail. 

Terrazzo tile used as flooring material in clothing store

Some of the terrazzo tile products that we appreciate come from Casalgrande Padana’s Le Ville collection. Made with fine gravel, lime and river pebbles to which crushed potsherds add some history, they recreate the old Venezian terrazzo tiles, lending them a modern vibe. The result is a product well suited for large commercial spaces in need of an elegant flooring option and a durable material able to stand heavy traffic.

Le Ville Terrazzo Tile. Via archiproducts.com

Light-colored terrazzo flooring in bar design

Le Ville Terrazzo Tile. Via archiproducts.com

Available in different colors, sizes and thicknesses, and offering an anti-slip grip finish for exterior applications, the Le Ville terrazzo tiles come with a perfectly flat surface that makes maintenance a simple task. If you need to achieve a clean look where the patterns are not interrupted by grout lines, the large 120×120 cm tile size helps you minimize them and create spaces with a sophisticated feel.  

Because of its rich patterns, terrazzo tiles demand more restraint in choosing the furniture and accents, which is exactly the recipe for elegant interiors. Dark-toned tiles that pick up the tones and hues of the furniture, accents and walls, can help design spectacular spaces with a perfectly polished look.

Dark-toned floors in elegant restaurant

Le Ville Terrazzo Tile. Via archiproducts.com

Le Ville tiles are also excellent candidates for kitchen floors, kitchen and bar counters – and even walls. In your outdoor areas, they bring an ideal mix of organic vibes and contemporary design as a flooring material for patios, terraces or verandas. For those that fall in love with this versatile material and want to explore its potential and their own creativity, terrazzo tile furniture is another area where it could have its say.

Modern kitchen design with terrazzo tile flooring

Le Ville Terrazzo Tile. Via archiproducts.com

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