Feeling overwhelmed this year and have no time to decorate? No problem, I picked these ideas specifically for such busy people as us: entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Interior Decor

One of the fastest, simplest and cheapest ways to decorate this Halloween is to use your old white sheets to cover your furniture, chairs and tables. This trick can also be used in your office or your business space. Scattering dead tree branches, fake spider web and some orange candles will compete your easy to create decor which will take only 20 minutes.

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Exterior Touch

Who has time to create a wreath this year? Not me! Here is another easy to create Halloween touch for your exterior door or for your windows. Find an old frame, tie it with a beautiful orange ribbon and attach a couple of little pumpkins at the center of the frame. Done!

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Pumpkins Updated

I love carving pumpkins but it takes so much time and energy! Why not paint it or even better, cover it with paper. In this case it’s a simple newspaper: cheap and easy. Through some spiders on top of it for the special scary effect! See other pumpkin ideas HERE.

If you want to go fancy, paint your pumpkins in gold or silver paint like these jewels below. It would be a nice touch for a Halloween party at your office this year.

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Other Halloween Decor

And finally, if you are having a Halloween Party at home and have nothing else to scare your guests with, how about some bottles with poison at your kitchen and bathrooms? Simply draw or print your images and put them on the inside of any empty bottle in a house. Paint the inside of the bottles with white paint. Read complete instructions HERE.

I hope these ideas will get you motivated and excited to do some decoration at your home or business this year in to time and on a budget.

If you have kids and are getting ready to do some pumpkin carving this year, check out these templates:   Http://carvingforkids.com

Pumpkin Carving Templates

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