Small cupcake shop design with wavy counter panels and red recessed display shelves

The interior design of Hello Cupcake store near Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, was designed by Bonstra|Haresign Architects, also known for their work on the Studio Theater in Washington, DC, and the American Online Headquarters in Dulles, VA. This small cupcake shop design packs a lot of charm in the 500 square feet of available floor space, managing to bring together severe geometric lines and dainty details.

Small cupcake shop design with angular structures softened by wavy patterns, floral accents and round tables

While the straight lines and the angles of the interior gives it a sense of strict order, the design incorporates elements that soften this modern look and turn the shop into an almost whimsical space. The wavy texture of the sculpted gypsum below the counter echoes the frosting swirls of the treats above. Round pedestal tables, chairs with curved lines and a floral sub-theme bring delicate lines into the mix.

Display case in small cupcake store

The recessed display cases behind the counter make the large glass containers filled with cupcake ingredients look as if they are suspended in mid-air. The girly white-and-pink chandeliers with their candlestick design create a magical and inviting atmosphere.

Creative tall ceilings and lighting, as well as a dark chocolate-colored wall on one side make the space look much romier than it is. 

Seating area with dark chocolate wall, floral patterns, round pedestal tables and candlestick chandeliers

The project design followed the LEED and Green Restaurant Association standards. The kitchen uses Energy Star appliances. The oven heat is captured and redistributed through the HVAC system during the winter months. Finally, the interior makes use of regionally produced and recycled materials.

Small outdoor seating area in front of cupcake shop

The clean, colorful and modern appeal of this small cupcake shop design, complete with a charming outdoor seating area, is a definite draw for passers-by.

Design: Bonstra|Haresign Architects

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