Designer: Kilogram Studio
All photos: Scott Norsworthy

Located in the PATH’s Commercial Court, Greenhouse Juice is a raw organic juice bar that refreshes the palate of passers-by with natural drinks while offering the eye a break from the commercial looks of local retail spaces. The PATH is a net of extensive underground corridors beneath downtown Toronto, connecting different areas of the financial district and amassing more than 1,000 stores and service shops. In the middle of this retail wonderland, Greenhouse Juice is a visual oasis and a good place to get some energy for the next shopping episode.

Designed by Kilogram Studio, the juice bar is inspired by the looks and materials of greenhouses and makes extensive use of wood and greenery. Lining the triangular perimeter of the store, a plant bed is backed by a cedar block structure and by mirrors that multiply the amount of green while visually extending the space. The cedar structure is built with mobility in mind. The blocks can be dissembled and transported to another location.

Continuing on the same theme, three oversized terraria make use of two-way mirrors that create neverending landscapes of green. The terraria guard the three corners of the store, creating the illusion of more space where the physical space becomes scarce, or simply serving as a suggestion for the nature of the store.

The terraria that flank the entrance have an additional element of visual interest. The Greenhouse Juice Co. logo is rebuilt in three-dimensional form using neon lights (borrowing again from the collection of greenhouse-specific materials) and is reflected ad infinitum in the mirrors.

The abundant green touches, the locally sourced cedar and the versatile wood structure are perfectly aligned with Greenhouse Juice’s line of business. The interest taken in organic juices and a more natural way of life seeps into the way that this company views the concept of store interior – local, sustainable and as close to nature as possible.

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