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Anything can become a source of artistic inspiration to a creative mind – including shoelaces. Taking the Run Colors sneakers’ shoelaces as a starting point, the mode:lina designers created a store interior that brings traditional and modern elements together into a unique mix.

The beneficiary of these designing efforts is the Run Colors sneaker store in Poznań, the second shop of the Warsaw-based retailer. The store  is located in the Stary Browar Shopping Center and sells limited editions of Nike, Adidas and New Balance shoes. Building on the “running color” theme, the designers illustrated the concept with a simple yet smart decorative artifice: rope installations that run across the walls and ceiling in a dynamic construction of great visual impact. The idea is connected to the Run Colors brand and logo.

The angles of the ropes, with their merging together, then parting again, are reminiscent of the energy captured in running. Set against the monochrome decor, their colors capture the idea of mobility, vitality and drive and turn from a detail that could have been lost in the background into the main decorative element of the interior.

The contrast between the classic and modern elements is a visually effective approach. The contrast emphasizes the modern rope installation, while the concept steps away from the typical shoe store interior with impersonal shelves and cookie-cutter design. The traditional elements (the couch, the massive antique furniture) introduce a softer, unexpected detail into the mix. Yet the gray chromatic scheme prevents these elements from taking over the store, allowing the colorful rows of shoes to be the main actors.

Both tasteful and bold, the Run Colors store is a perfect example of the power of detail in interior design and the way that branding creates a recognizable face to the public.

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