This unusual shoe store in Tokyo skillfully exhibits one of the latest trends in retail store design and in architecture: creating  a distinctive contrast of a white background color with bright colors of the product itself and/or small pieces of furniture and design elements. Similar design trend can bee seen in the dessert store in Canada Theurel & Thomas.

Shoe Store Design

Creating this color contrast provides an excellent display of the product making it a part of the overall design. The store Camper was recently completely remodeled and rebranded. The inspiration for the design came from circus: red and white stripes.

Retail Store Design Store Facade

The outside of the building reminds me of a shiny white jewel box.  Small elements such as the door handles in a shape of large candy canes add to the overall design theme.

Retail Store Design

There are almost no sharp corners on the inside.  And even the images on the walls have a white background with the brightly colored products being a main focal point.

Retail Store Design

The store front window displays random patterns making it look like Christmas decoration of snow flakes which adds a festive feel to the overall ambiance.

Retail Store Design

Class panels are applied to the ceiling reflecting the light fixtures and making the space to continue beyond the walls.  Bisazza mosaic tile was used on the walls.

Retail Store Design

The concrete floor was left unfinished but polished.  What a creative way to save money on finishes while still making it look great!

Retail Store Design

The large narrow table at the center was made to resemble a centipede with the shoes for the legs.

Retail Store Design

To see more images of this Camper shoe store click HERE.

Credits on design and photos Hayon Studio

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