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Galeria Melissa in São Paulo offers an intriguing façade and a surprise for those unfamiliar with the place. A shoe store with an uncommon selling presentation, Galeria Melissa has a front worthy of an art gallery. Those who enter the building expecting art pieces find an equally intriguing interior. Yet this is just a shoe store that benefits from a clever design concept.

Changing Store Front

It is impossible to describe the façade in definitive terms because the store front (as well as the interior walls) changes every three months. If designing the façade of other stores is often a one-time deal, Galeria Melissa freshens up its front entrance several times a year.

Changing Store Facade

Designer Muti Randolph is one of those involved in the project. A pioneer in computer art, he prints his creations on a Vutek printer. Other designers are invited to brainstorm ideas for the store façade and to art direct the project.

Retail Store Front Design

The façade has been the stage for full-blown graffiti art. It has served as a huge, colorful billboard and has been coated in metal sheets. It has turned into the background for massive Post-it note art, allowing the public to scribble notes and become part of the design concept.

Post-It Store Facade

The ever-changing façade attracts tourists as well as customers. A concave enclosure invites passers-by to enter, admire it, become part of its scenery and discover what lies beyond its doors. The popularity of the store suggests that the concept works.

Shoe Store Evolving Facade

Inside the store, trendy plastic shoes are displayed in transparent globes suspended from the ceiling. Customers use video terminals to browse the catalog, and assistants bring them the shoes. The unique, modern retail concept of Galeria Melissa does not stop at the entrance. Beyond its façade, the store offers those who enter a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Shoe Store Interior

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