Designer: Ben Sandell, Situ Studio, Geoff Sosebee and Eric Weil for OSO Industries
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With the concrete tile from OSO Industries, geometry becomes a fascinating subject. Designed as a wall treatment and meant to be the starting point in the creation of highly decorative displays, the tiles bear the signatures of  Ben Sandell, Situ Studio, Geoff Sosebee and Eric Weil, who came up with the concept for the New York-based company.

Coming from the same company that brings forward the intriguing concept of concrete furniture, the Aperiodix wall tile system suggests the same passion for pieces of decor with sculptural qualities. The system consists of six tiles with shapes that can be reduced to three types of triangles, plus their mirrored shapes.

Taking a step from the sometimes tedious symmetry of typical tile displays, the Aperiodix tiles can be combined in non-repetitive (called “aperiodic”) patterns in order to obtain unique configurations. The process is simplified by the fact that the tile borders match each other, regardless of the combination in which they are used, and despite their undulating surface.

The 3-D waving construction gives the tiles more body and creates the impression of ripples on the surface of the wall. This apparent fluidity introduces a sort of dynamism into the Aperiodix tile creations.

Grooves cross every tile, dividing it into smaller triangles for a mosaic look and offering the viewer another pretext to delve into geometric considerations. While the tiles are available in four neutral colors (leather, charcoal, gray and sand), customized tiles in other colors may be requested in order to fit into other chromatic schemes.

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