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The use of aluminum panels for wall cladding is a relatively new method in interior design, but Aluphant makes it an attractive option for commercial spaces. Aluminum panels have great functional qualities such as ease of installation and low maintenance, but their main appeal lies in their versatility and aesthetics. Used by talented designers, they can bring the much sought-after non-standard element into a space, turning it from commonplace to unique.

Aluphant, a company that offers high-quality coated aluminum surfaces for both interior and exterior design and architecture projects, used aluminum panels to create a white-on-mirror design for the Longchamp store in London. The metal sheet with a mirror effect is painted in white, in a repeating pattern of a galloping horses.

The aluminum panel found its way in many of the Longchamp stores around the world, where it is used both on the ceilings and walls.

In another instance of inspired design, Aluphant worked with the architects from Space Group to bring to life their ideas and create the impressive interior of Clarion Hotel lobby in Trondheim (Norway).

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The paneled wall in the lobby is a sculptural structure that brings to mind the angular shapes and white undertones of ice. The ceiling, finished by Aluphant with a transparent coating, is set against these immaculate vertical constructions, which highlights the brass color of the metal.

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Aluphant offers a variety of aluminum finishes, from bronze and brass to copper and stainless steel, and from deep polished or sparkling iridescent to textured finishes. The company responds to requests for customized aluminum surfaces as well.

Photo: Peter Hebeisen via

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