Using wool felt in interior design as dividers

Well loved by crafters and sewing enthusiasts, wool felt has found its way into the world of interior creations. While the potential of felt in interior design remains largely unexploited, some designers see in it the answer to some problems they routinely encounter.

A creation of FilzFelt and Gensler’s LA office, Link is a modular wall covering that takes full advantage of the qualities of this underestimated material.

Wool felt room dividers in office designThe Link concept started from a very specific need – to replace the colored panels used by Gensler’s LA office that, despite their visual appeal when seen from outside, were unpleasantly changing the quality of light inside the office.

Interlocked Link panels in colorful room dividerWool felt was the surprising yet perfect answer to this dilemma. The office space needed a contrasting material to soften and warm up the cold glass surfaces, but felt offered much more. A flexible and durable material, easy to work with, it lent its workability to the creation of the Link concept. The Link hexagonal panels are CNC cut and easy to attach to one another with no need for tools.

Link hexagonal panels made of wool feltModularity makes the Link panels a versatile interior design material. The Link 3 mm felt hexagons can be combined to create customized monochromatic and multi-colored room dividers, shades or privacy screens, using one or more of the 63 colors available. Different perforation configurations and transparency options allow for the creations of highly decorative Link systems.

Gray wool felt modular panels with cut-out patternsEven more, its sound-absorbing qualities make the Link systems an excellent design material for offices, while the easy process of putting them together inspires unique on-the-spot creations of great textural interest. While an atypical choice, using wool felt in interior design comes with surprising functional and decorative benefits, and opens the door to new concepts in commercial spaces.

Colorful wool felt panels separating office areas

Designers: FilzFelt and Gensler
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