Modern patisserie with mainly white decor

Designed by the Shanghai-based architecture and interior design firm Lukstudio, the new Aimé Pâtisserie in Shanghai, China, is a great example of a well defined brand. It not only showcases a unique bakery design, but also manages to use its surrounding competitors for its advantage.

Unique display shelves with interesting colors and geometric shapes in bakery interior

The brand’s very first store is framed by Starbucks and another well known chain restaurant on both sides. The contrasting color of the façade and the eye-catching, high-quality exterior help to draw attention towards the bakery. Introducing a new fresh vibe into the location, Aimé Pâtisserie stands out among these popular coffee and pastry chains.

Unique bakery design with attractive facade standing out from neighboring competitors

The elegant interior design is distinguishable by its pure white decor and its sleek architecture. Drawn to explore the store further by a crystalline storefront that provides only a glimpse of what lies within, visitors are greeted by a well-lit, peaceful sitting area, beyond which lies the centerpiece of the store, the product itself.

White monochrome bakery interior design

The colorful sweets on display are part of this unique bakery design. The sprawling feature wall behind the counter with its uniquely-styled shelves is decorated with colorful Aimé Pâtisserie gift boxes in various states of opening. Its compelling pattern of geometric forms continues all the way to the ceiling, where it also conceals important equipment like lights, speakers, and security devices. The interior designers carefully gave this display a both functional and aesthetic role, which is an approach used all throughout the store.

Beautiful patisserie packaging

Overall, Aimé Pâtisserie is a great example of how a bakery business interior cand stand out from its competitors, provide a fun, elegant, and intriguing atmosphere, and offer as many visual treats as it does sweet ones.

Unique storefront bakery design in white

Designer: Lukstudio
All photos: Peter Dixie for LOTAN Architectural Photography. Via

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