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The concept of open spaces in office design gains more and more ground in today’s working environments. The reason is the need for easy and open communication, which is an important part in the success of a company. The same concept takes center stage in the design of the Ziylan Merchandising and Marketing general management offices in Istanbul, Turkey.

The offices of this well-known shoe retailer were designed by CBTE Architecture as a place where efficient work coexists with moments of relaxation. Finding the right balance between elements that stimulate and others that work as decompressing factors is what makes this space different.

The open concept office, with large work areas unencumbered by space dividers, is enhanced by the clean lines of the office furniture. While dedicated desks still offer a certain amount of privacy by the addition of low partitions between work spaces, the traditional cubicle is not part of the design. The result is a liberating feeling of openness, the possibility of easy and rapid communication, the sense of being part of a whole – and a certain relaxing feel due to the airy, uncrowded design.

The mix of neutral and vibrant colors gives the space a dynamic, inspiring vibe, while offering the eye (and mind) enough visual space to rest. But color has a ­­­functional role in the design of the Ziylan offices. It defines certain areas in places where the design skips walls or vertical partitions.

Instead of being hidden from view, the shoes needed for testing or examination become an integral part of the design. They are placed on open shelves or behind colored glass that keeps true to the general chromatic scheme. Even more, shoes become prime material for wall art, an ingenious way of making a statement about the identity of this leading retailer.

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