Bar seating area in chocolate store

Ambiance is arguably the most important trait of a successful public space, a fact that no good interior designer takes for granted.  The Bresco Chocolate shop in Barcelona, Spain, created by designer Desafra, is a stellar example of a chocolate store interior design done right.

Chocolate store interior design display shelves and counters

The craftsmanship of this supermarket gives it a dignified appeal, simultaneously allowing the product to be appreciated, as well as the architecture and history of the space.

Seating area in Barcelona chocolate shop

From the street door through to the back of the room, long and elegant shelves offer great variability in refrigeration. This setup allows for specialized lighting and perception, to best showcase the chocolates on display. It’s efficient while still maintaining aesthetic appeal, so that this one open space welcomes customers without disturbing the work flow behind the counters. At the opposite end of the space lies the tasting bar, followed by the restrooms in the back.

Accent walls and ceiling architecture in dessert store

The room is designed to showcase the Casa Calvet modernist theme of the building, highlighting Gaudi’s architecture and design, and sharing murals of his biography. All structures, including lights, are fastened at mid-height and invite customers to appreciate the ceiling architecture. Glass windows permit passers-by a glimpse of the elegant interior. Most restoration work has been done mindfully and purposefully to preserve the original work.

Traffic flow in chocolate store

Floor tiles and decorative elements in chocolate store interior design

In the heart of Barcelona’s impressive and historical architectural landscape, the Bresco Chocolate shop interior design is truly spectacular, boasting elements that enhance and comprehensively include the specialty of this charming chocolate boutique.

Warm contrasting colors for accent walls in chocolate shop

Dessert boutique with beautiful building architecture

Chocolate store interior design: Desafra
All images: Jordi Anguera via

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