Unique patisserie design with pink neon sign

Engineered by interior design students of the Ellen Fraser Graduate School in Melbourne, Australia, Masterchef Adriano Zumbo’s new patisserie located in the same city is as unique as they come. The owner wanted a partially pink store and a dark mysterious space. The young designers fully embraced the idea and came up with a unique patisserie design. 

Light reflections and neon sign glow in patisserie interior

The students used a pink and black color scheme to create a dark and modern interior that invites the customer to linger on. Ready to adopt the tools of the future, they employed modern technologies to create an unconventional environment. For example, the walls are lined with plastic panels and given a distorted mirror-like quality by use of aluminum vapor.

Unique furniture concept

The patisserie’s few seats are made to look like melted candy, which places them more in the realm of decoration than that of functional furniture. The chairs are made with self-expanding foam and silicone and dare visitors to sit and enjoy the sticky-looking seats.

Pink marshmallow chair

A neon sign depicts the word Zumbo in a modern and inviting font. Even though this is far from being the only light source, the neon sign lights up the room, becomes the main focal point and gives the patisserie a nightlife feel. 

Customers lining up in front of Zumba patisserie

Zumbo’s unique patisserie design is another attraction for dessert lovers, aside from Adriano Zumbo’s celebrated macaroons and the store’s appetizing treats.

Customers enjoying the unique patisserie design

Via contemporist.com
Designer: Elenberg Fraser Graduate School 
Images of Zumba patisserie interior: Peter Clarke Photography via contemporist.com

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