Wooden slats as wall and ceiling decor in dessert bar interior design

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Dessert bar interior design: Joseph Grappin
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The Dessance restaurant is located in the historic district of Paris, the Marais. Customers enter through a ground level door of an old, stone mansion. Though artificial lighting is in place, large windows allow natural light to stream into the the restaurant from the courtyard outside. The interior designer, Joseph Grappin, used materials for the inside of the restaurant that would flow seamlessly from the outdoor courtyard and garden.

Dessert bar interior design with wooden slats as dividers

The two floors of the restaurant are connected by those interior design choices. Patrons on the ground floor can sit on a bench made of wooden slats that extends the entire length of the restaurant. Tables are spaced along the length of the bench to accommodate several different groups at the same time.

Nature-inspired touches in dessert restaurant design

The back of the bench continues up the wall with the spaces between the wood increasing in size as it gets higher. By the time it reaches the ceiling, the wooden structure transforms into an arbor like one would expect to find in the garden outside. The opposite curve of the arbor connects with the second floor.

Green plants and wood accents in restaurant interior

While ground floor seating affords one the ability to view the kitchen from directly across the room, seating on the second floor allows one to look down and watch the working chef. Both are excellent choices. This gourmet dessert bar interior design not only complements its outdoor surroundings, it creates a relaxing yet modern atmosphere.

Restaurant storefront mixing modern touches with historical look

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