Counter and display window in dessert boutique

The Cupcake Boutique recently unveiled its newly renovated interior design in Stuttgart City Centre. The architect designers DITTEL/ARCHITEKTEN expanded the sales space by 80 square meters, creating an open and equally inviting atmosphere.

Highly decorative dividers in cupcake boutique interior

The cohesiveness of the minimalist color scheme draws the patron’s attention to the artful display of cupcakes. These treats add a sweet note of detail to the dusty pink, deep mauve, egg shell white, and newly added soft brown color scheme. Soft brown wooden floors trim the boutique in comforting and complimentary support. The boutique’s exterior boasts a slate gray coloring that adds depth and dimension to its cornered location.

Cupcake boutique illuminated storefront

The cupcakes are nestled inside a crisp glass casing that creates a satisfying visual effect, while seamlessly sharing the spotlight with its surrounding decor. The deep mauve, dusty pink and egg shell white colored dining booths and chairs beckon its patrons to savor the decadence of the tasty cake treats.

White, pink and cream color palette in dessert shop

Elegant white light pendants in cupcake store

Originally opened in 2010, the new Cupcake Boutique interior integrates previous design aesthetics to its newer location. The love of small detail and intricate design are evidenced all throughout the space. From small cake panned art to smart lighting and fixture placement, the cupcake boutique invites innocence to indulgence.

Separated seating area with dividers in cupcake boutique

An ornamental flower wall and frozen yogurt counter makes the cafe’s country style subtle and appealing. The newly renovated showroom has been divided into smaller sitting areas that are designed for adults and children alike. Catchy writing is accented along walls with sayings that demonstrate exquisite attention to detail and clever wit.

Dessert-themed wall decor

Decorative cutouts in store interior

The subtle country and minimalist theme is evident upon entry into the boutique. From the cupcake inspired decals on walls and clean detail of the kitchen to the highlighting of the kids’ area and the precision of the bathroom decorum, the shop interior leaves little to be desired.

Seating area with display table in cupcake shop

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