High color contrast in contemporary cafe design

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Cafe design: Umbra Design
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The trendy Bristol 2 cafe and bar located in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, is a very unique creation by Umbra Design. A superb sample of a simple branding design, the interior sets up a sophisticated and classy atmosphere through the smart use of color, texture and light.

Sleek furniture in elegant cafe interior

The cafe interior design is clean and modern, playing on contrasts of colors, shapes and materials. Each element of design seems to be there to echo or balance another. Dark grey walls create a dramatic background, perfect for the intimate game of light and shadows provided by the well-placed lighting. During the day, the dark walls and the light coming in through the enormous windows continue on the same light-dark theme.

The walls are textured with Microcemento, a cement-based covering responsible for the smooth, continuous surfaces that lack any unsightly joints and grooves.

Directional lighting above tables in contemporary cafe design

Displayed across the full length of the 110-square-meter ceiling, European birch beams add architectural interest and draw the eye upwards. The contrast with the dark walls is striking, as is the one between the rigidity of the concrete and the natural feel of the wood. The beams intersect at different angles in a geometrical, still controlled explosion of shapes and give the place a unique identity.

Intersecting wooden beams on the ceiling

The sharp contour of the one-legged square tables is softened by the curved lines of the retro chairs in this commercial interior. The chairs are cleverly chosen: the angles of their legs seem to echo those of the angled beams. Their soft, neutral color slightly tones down the richness of the wall color, while remaining in the same chromatic territory.

Green plant display on wooden shelf

Against the wall, a dark rectangular bench is marked at equal intervals by round tables and stools, following the same light-dark combination of colors. Across the room, cantilevered from a central pillar, a wooden dining surface is placed at bar height, adding one more horizontal level to the cafe design. In the back of the bar, a wooden support shelters lavish greenery that creates a beautiful island of natural beauty.

Different light sources combine various heights and sizes while keeping with the simple, conical theme. Angled lamps spring from a horizontal beam placed on the wall and create theatrical islands of light above the bench, tables and stools. Wine racks are built above the bar and doorways. In the back, a unique interior designer’s touch gives the wooden toilet cubicle the feel of an oversized packing crate stamped with a “fragile” note.

Fun restroom door in wood-centered cafe

The unique contemporary interior design of this cafe is a perfect example of a distinct cafe brand. Achieving the spectacular through crafty combinations of simple lines, Bristol 2 is a place where people want to be and that they find hard to forget.

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