Modern candy store design with acrylic sstripes on wall

Fritzy, a candy shop in Toronto, proves that the key to effective store branding is maintaining simplicity while still creating a memorable visual impact that gets the message across to customers. This often requires a delicate balance involving imagery, text, colors, and overall look. Fritzy’s modern candy store design has achieved all this by partnering with Prototype Design Lab.

Candy-dispenser area in Toronto candy shop

The store’s spectacular final look is both relaxing and exciting. Customers making their way into this 800-foot space are thrilled by areas of color that pop and demand attention. In terms of a visual motif, the design embraces acrylic strips of patterned colors. Set against a neutral background, they line the walls and ceiling, creating a dynamic impression.

The horizontal strips mitigate the narrow space by emphasizing it rather than deflecting attention from it. Their clever placement make customers feel drawn in, curious to know what awaits at the end of the narrow path inside.

Red chairs and blue table in modern candy store design

Vertical strips create the illusion of a delicate rain of light and bring in a variety of vibrant colors in a surprisingly subtle way. Lined up along the two walls, colorful chairs and benches make great use of the space while allowing for comfortable traffic. 

Vertical colored acrylic stripes as wall decor in modern candy store design

From high-gloss whites to deeper grays, the space interior is engaging and dynamic. One of the major strengths of this modern candy store design is its ability to direct the eye of the customer, whether drawing attention towards the candy expertly placed within the space, or inviting passers-by in. Its intriguing and deliberately placed strips make the view from the street through the storefront instantly welcoming.

Seating area in candy shop

Via Archilovers
Designer: Prototype Design Lab
All photos: Prototype Design Lab via Archilovers

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