candy store interior design

The key to effective store branding is maintaining simplicity while still creating a memorable visual impact that gets the message across to customers. This often requires a delicate balance involving imagery, text, colors, and overall design. “Fritzy” is a candy shop in Toronto that has achieved these goals with both their advertising and their store interior by working with a local store interior designer. By partnering with Prototype Design Lab, “Fritzy” has achieved a spectacular final look that sets the bar extremely high when it comes to candy store design.

candy store interior branding designer

Anyone walking through the doors will find that the space is relaxing yet still exciting when it comes to the product itself. Customers making their way into this 800-foot space are thrilled by areas of color that really pop. They are also juxtaposed to flatter, earth tones that encompass carefully chosen walls and sections of the candy store interior. Even people who may not have had a craving for a sugary treat will instantly be tempted thanks to the smart design that has gone into this frozen yogurt and candy shop. Prototype Design has been able to brilliantly place surfaces and implied textures on both the walls and ceilings that are sure to tantalize the senses. However, the flair that they have been able to shape for this candy store branding preserves the efficiency of the space as well.

candy store interior design

candy store interior designer

Another of the major strengths inherent in this candy store design is its ability to direct the eye of the customer. Moving from the ceiling down to the walls, the beauty of the design quickly leads them to delicious candy that is expertly placed within the space. From high-gloss whites to deeper grays, the space interior is engaging and dynamic. In terms of a visual motif, the design embraces acrylic strips of patterned colors. Deliberately placed in specific horizontal positions, the view from the street through the storefront is instantly welcoming.

candy store interior branding design

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