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Located by the Vine Ripe Market in La Mesa, California (east of Downtown San Diego), the new Vine Ripe Grill is one of the newest contemporary restaurant design additions to our portfolio. The restaurant is using the space previously occupied by Mystic Grill, that we reimagined as a comfortable and easygoing stop after shopping at the neighboring market.

We wanted to create a look that evoked the colors of nature, but with a mix of modern touches. The atmosphere we were looking for was an informal one, with a welcoming feel.

We chose a neutral color palette that would calm the eye after a day at the market. Wood is the main actor in our design, with its familiar and warm vibes. As the tying element, it also gives the space a coherent look. Wood planks find their way in the design of the tables, in the main counter and the wall treatments, giving the place its unique character.

We mixed the wood with metal, avoiding thus a rustic look and pedaling on the idea of a contemporary restaurant design. Metal dividers with cutout patterns allow the eye to travel smoothly from the inside area to the outside dining space, while beautifully framing the wood elements and bringing forth their warmth by contrast. We extended the same pattern to different areas of the restaurant, balancing the natural look of the wood with the precision of the geometric pattern.

The same effect is achieved by using black tile that contrasts with the wood and gives the space an intimate look. Because the black continues onto the ceiling, and in order not to overwhelm the space, we used a light shade for the floors, extending it to the outside area.

We kept the furniture simple – the enveloping rattan chairs, the striped benches that bring in a touch of extra color – and we opted for an industrial look when we chose the counter stools. The light fixtures are modern, with simple lines and gold or chrome tones that add some glam to this contemporary restaurant design. Plants are a perfect companion for the wood elements, so we used plenty – in pots, on the walls, or in large containers that serve as dividers. Seated underneath the orange trees and bathed in this sea of relaxing hues, the customer has no choice but unwind and relax.

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