What would you get for a friend who is in a process of renovating their new house or a business space?  Take a look at these fun and a bit corky presents I found.  Maybe one of these will fit your friend’s personality and bring a few laughs at the next party.

modern faucet changes colors

If someone loves high tech modern style, this sink faucet will be a perfect choice. The faucet senses temperature and glows with a warning LED light. The color of the lighting changes depending on the temperature of the water coming out: blue when the water is cold, green when the water is hot, and red when the water is really hot.

interactive pool table

This interactive pool table is for active game lovers! High-definition imagery responds in real-time to every shot you make. User-selectable themes bring infinite possibilities within a game!

pool ball wood pendants

The wooden pendant lights will go well with the pool table above and add an additional playful touch to the interior.  Available in 9 colours and 8 numbers (including the white cue ball which has no number by the way just a red dot!).

ninja coat hooks

These ninja coat hooks will look elegant in your friends house who loves martial arts! They can be installed onto just about any wall surface and will make your friend look serious about his or her hobby. Happy Holidays!

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