Frozen yogurt brand and colorful interior

Frostie Bites is a new frozen yogurt shop located at 524 E Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach, IL 60073.  The client came to us with the desire to build a new frozen yogurt brand from the ground up. The result was an energizing interior where colors, patterns and textures mix into a space that suggests fun and happiness.

Frostie Bites frozen yogurt interior with colorful striped counters

The owner decided to add the bulk candy aspect to the store because of the close proximity to a local movie theater in the same retail development, approx. 300 ft away. This proved to be an excellent business driver, as well as a way to set Frostie Bites apart from other frozen yogurt stores competition.

Shop interior in vibrant blue and orange

The dynamic combination of blue and orange tones, the stripe pattern and the neatly lined up candy dispensers contribute to this general idea. The use of strong complementary colors ensures maximum visual contrast and gives the shop a playful vibe.

Custom wallpaper was designed for the interior walls. The furniture borrows from the same vibrant color scheme. Light pendants with orange drum shades combine with recessed lighting that emphasizes the contours of the space and make the space look bright and inviting.

Frozen yogurt shop interior with bulk-candy theme

Below are the Pantone colors we selected for Frostie Bites logo and overall branding. The letter gradient effect gives the logo a crispy feel, very fitting for a frozen yogurt brand.

Frostie Bites frozen yogurt brand and logo

We also created graphics for storefront glass application.

Graphics created for storefront glass application

As part of the usual process by Mindful Design Consulting in creating any retail space, we delivered images of interior elevations, including materials and colors. 

Yogurt store interior elevation with colors and materials

The strong colors of the frozen yogurt brand ensure that the storefront asserts itself and catches the eye of both passers-by and returning customers.
Frostie bites yogurt store exterior

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All images: Mindful Design Consulting

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