Jojos Creamery Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Ice-Cream Shop Design.  A mother-and-daughter team of dessert aficionadas from Encinitas, California, has opened a homemade ice cream store whose interior design bears our signature. Jami and Emily, the owners of JoJo’s Creamery, make their ice cream, sauces and waffle cones from scratch using only simple ingredients, such as organic milk, sugar, flour and eggs. Including vegan and gluten-free options in their menu, they hope to satisfy the taste of every health-conscious ice cream lover. To top it off, they offer a homemade cookie with every cone.

Jojo’s Creamery Ice-Cream Store Designer: Mindful Design Consulting

Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Design

Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Under such good auspices, we designed for JoJo’s a space that captured this simple approach to ice cream making and the owners’ preference for natural ingredients. The presence of wood elements in the design was very fitting. The partially planked walls and the ceiling beams give the interior the natural feel we were looking for. The horizontal planks on the side of the counter make the space look larger and suggests the store’s natural traffic flow. 

The use of wood is, however, more than just an attempt to a natural look. The store is located in the Lumberyard Shopping Center, a historical mall built on the site of an old lumberyard, so creating an authentic look, true to the history of the place, was important. However, the wood is well balanced by the white tile backsplash, which keeps the space crisp and fresh and prevents it from becoming too dark.  

The chromatic palette is simple, reduced to the natural shades of wood and clean white tones. Turquoise is part of JoJo’s branding, so it found its way into simple accent pieces, such as jar labels, wall signs, even shirts casually hung on the wall, emphasizing the cozy and familiar feel of the store.

Ice-Cream Shop Design Design

Ice-Cream Shop Design Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Hanging from the ceiling beam, simple pendant light fixtures with clear glass shades have a slight industrial feel, emphasized by their exposed light bulbs and uncomplicated shape. Their delicate transparency brings in the sense of lightness necessary to a place heavy with tile, wood and metal.

While in other stores, the details of dessert making are often hidden from view and relegated to an obscure back kitchen, in JoJo’s case, we tried to capture the concept of homemade dessert through the collection of pots, whisks and strainers that line the wall. This is not a place where ice cream arrives prepackaged, but one where the delicious treat is concocted in pots and pans and has only to cross the aisle to get into the hands of JoJo’s customers.

Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

In the back of the store, stainless steel sheets cover the walls. Behind the counter, wall signs in different shapes, colors and fonts offset the metal’s stern, industrial look with color and warmth.

The historical location of the ice-cream shop design was somewhat challenging. The building had no shortage of ADA issues and needed extra work in order to receive the necessary permits – but the efforts were well worth it. After all, everything ends well when it ends with an ice cream cone.

Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design Jojos Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

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