Seating area with untreated walls and wooden table

ACME is a restaurant in Rushcutters Bay, Australia, with an interior that masters the art of being sophisticated and informal at the same time.  Lucheti Krelle’s casual restaurant design makes the most of the building’s existing features by exposing and highlighting its heritage and using sustainable materials. 

Casual restaurant design with untreated walls, fireplace and old-time lookACME restaurant has two levels and is divided into three distinct areas. There is a casual bar area at the front, a more formal banquette area behind it, and an intimate private dining area downstairs. The restaurant interior designer included lively references to Looney Tunes, such as the custom dynamite pendants above the tables in the bar area.Dynamite-shaped light pendants as a Looney Tunes reference

The restaurant interior varies with the formality of the space. For example, in the informal bar area, the walls are left untreated, whereas the more formal banquet room has fresco-paint finished walls and rich wooden tables. The restaurant design also includes halo lit mirrors in its arches, which brings in a touch of class and warmth.

More formal seating area with painted walls

The intimacy of the private dining room is very appealing to ACME’s visitors. The walls are left exposed, and the room has its own sandstone fireplace. Upon entering, customers are welcomed by a wine display and an area where they can have a drink before dinner. The table in the private dining space is custom made and can be changed to different lengths to accommodate different group sizes.

Bar area with wine display and counter

Due to its unique and casual restaurant design, ACME visitors feel that they are having a special dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Casual restaurant design with large mirrors creating the illusion of a tunnel

Designer: Luchetti Krelle
All photos: Michael Wee

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