General view of a pickleball club cafe interior design

Pickleball enthusiasts in and around Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, now have another reason to enjoy their club activities: We have just completed the cafe at the Hayden Pickleball Club, where we created an interior inspired by the natural beauty of Lake City and its surroundings. Easy to navigate, inviting and rich in detail, this club cafe interior design is a great example of incorporating the area’s views and materials to create a space that seamlessly blends with its surroundings.

Club cafe interior design with ceiling wood planks

The cafe was designed to accommodate different seating options, to allow a grand view of the outdoor area, and to preserve the spirit of the region, with its gorgeous mountains, lakes and forest trails. We chose a palette of earthy colors to which we added a few blue accents, as an homage to the grand mountainous views with their dreamy blue haze and to the lakes that grace the city.

Wood slats covering the ceiling of a cafe

We began the transformation of the cafe by adding wood planks to both the ceiling and walls. The ceiling planks play a crucial role in the design, unifying the space and creating a 3D display through their positioning. Additionally, they serve to delineate distinct functional and seating areas within the cafe by changing their direction.

The wood planks that cover the walls are placed either vertically or horizontally and introduce a slight tone variation that evokes the different colors of the forest. An oblique pattern on the counter base breaks up this orderly positioning with an unexpected visual element.

Quartz countertops and white soffits against the wooden background of a club cafe

To prevent the space from becoming visually heavy, white quartz counters lighten up the decor. White-painted soffits follow the counter’s contour, softening the colors of the ceiling and offering a welcome contrast. Gray wall tiles with geometric patterns line the back of the bar, defining the area against all the wood tones and allowing the colors of the bottles and drinks to shine.

A large mural inspired by the natural beauty of the surroundings defines one of the seating areas. Simple pendants descend over this landscape, with orange lampshades providing the warm glow that the mural needs.

Nature-inspired mural in club cafe interior design

This 2D representation ties the interior to the views from outside. This symmetry creates a sense of order, comfort, and familiarity, turning the club cafe interior design into a means of reinforcing the visitors’ presence in this scenic environment.

Orange lampshades against blue-toned wall mural in cafe

Upholstered chairs and benches offer a change in texture, but the colors remain in the earthy realm, with touches of deep purple for the table-seating areas and brown for counter-seating.

Wood planks covering the walls of a cafe

We took advantage of the large windows and created a counter-seating area with simple pendants and no other visual obstructions. The direction of the ceiling wood planks directs the eye toward the massive windows and makes them a part of the view.

Cafe ceiling with beautiful wooden accents

We carefully designed the layout to ensure easy table access and unobstructed traffic flow throughout the cafe.

Bar area of a club cafe

We varied the color of the pendants while maintaining a consistent circular design to break up the angles in the space. We introduced tables of varying heights to provide guests with more seating options and to create a layered appearance that keeps the eye engaged.

Materials board for the interior design of a club cafe

The Hayden Pickleball Club cafe exemplifies the interior design philosophy that demands that the built environment is an extension of its surroundings, and creates a harmonious connection between the natural beauty of Coeur d’Alene and the daily experiences of its visitors.

Elevations for cafe interior design

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All images: Mindful Design Consulting

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