Donut store design with lots of artificial light and different light fixtures

When a final baked product becomes an ingredient in the next-level dessert, you know you’re in for a treat. Sundae Donuts, a dessert store that does just that, offers sweet treat enthusiasts more than one way to enjoy donuts. Their menu includes a variety of donuts, donut-infused ice cream, coffee and cookie dough, making them an irresistible stop for customers with a sweet tooth. When we designed their physical location in Greenvale, NY, we aimed to capture the delicious vibes in every detail. The final donut store design is cheerful, playful and fresh.

From the very beginning, we faced a significant limitation: the small square footage. While it was designed as a quick stop with limited seating for donut and ice cream lovers, working with a small, narrow and deep space posed the challenge of potential darkness and a dingy atmosphere. To address this, we took full advantage of the large windows and maximized light by using reflective materials. We complemented this with ample artificial lighting, then used mirrors to create an illusion of more space, enhance the light, and introduce a dynamic, reflective aesthetic.

Wood-lined front counter and pink painted accents in donut store design

We used a soft yet distinct color palette, featuring yellow and pink, against light neutral finishes. The terrazzo-style ceramic floor tile extends onto the walls, establishing a sense of continuity and embracing the lower part of the interior. Vertical white wall tiles draw the eye upward, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. The white painted ceiling further adds to the sense of spaciousness by opening up the space and making it appear larger. Within this interplay of textures that maintain the consistent use of light tones, the pink and yellow accents shine.

Circular ceiling mirrors as a unique accent in donut store design.

Alongside the pink-and-yellow striped wall, the pink paint forms a frame that places the donut-filled window display at center stage. The stripes evoke a joyful carnival atmosphere, subtly creating a sense of adventure and innocent fun.

We chose colorful neon signs in the brand’s colors to introduce the store logo and place it on a simple painted wall band across the backdrop white wall tile. This curtain-like presentation brings a touch of drama into the display, further enhanced by the oversized slogan against the striped wall.

On the opposite side of the counter, a donut-shaped neon sign reinforces the store’s main menu item and provides visual balance to the oversized logo.

Large neon sign logo on the wall of a dessert store.

We enhanced the natural light streaming in through the large windows by strategically positioning mirrors on both the walls and ceiling. The various angles of the ceiling mirrors capture the light generated by the pendant fixtures. The combination and interplay between mirrors and light fixtures results in an intriguing ceiling landscape.

A small seating area provides guests with a place to enjoy their treats or wait for friends while observing the street. A simple bar counter is accompanied by sleek, minimalist bar-height chairs, each capturing one of the colors in this donut store design.

The presence of round accents serves to soften the interior’s angularity and contributes to a more inviting atmosphere. Open shelves above the customer section keep necessities easily accessible and the small counter uncluttered.

Large window letting in natural light into the shop.

The juxtaposition of walls, soffits and ceiling arches, while minimal, adds character and visual interest to the space. The mix of light sources, including both small and large pendant light fixtures with varying shapes and the occasional color, along with recessed and under-cabinet lighting, serves to define different areas and prevent visual monotony. The pink cabinets maintain the balanced placement of colorful elements that contribute to the interior’s distinct character.

View of the narrow hall of the dessert store.

Beyond the wood-lined counter that softens the appearance of the wall and floor tiles, a small arched hallway with a view of a sun-colored wall creates the sense of adventure awaiting just around the corner. Colorful, pleasant and personable, this donut store is an excellent example of the power of detail in interior design.
Donut shop elevations

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All images: Mindful Design Consulting

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