Unlike restaurants, coffee shops often become part of their customers’ daily routine. Having the opportunity of acquiring such a loyal clientele, cafe owners should take advantage of it by offering their customers more than just good coffee: a great ambiance and a memorable experience. A unique interior design, an Instagram-worthy space or a place that gives the eye something to feast on are important in order to convince customers to make a cafe part of their everyday life. Below, we put together a collection of coffee shop designs that do it just right. 

1. Fabrika Kavy

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Designer: N+K Architectvra
Photos: Andrii Shustykevych via contemporist.com 

Located in a post-soviet building that lacked much appeal, Fabrika Kavy (or Coffee Factory, in Ukrainian) is the first local coffee shop that had its own roastery. The designer created a fresh, airy and bright interior, while managing to retain the building’s original vibe.

Dark walls and a cement counter provide the perfect background for wood screen decorations and gold nature-inspired artwork. Sleek light fixtures continue the gold theme, while corrugated panels turn a white wall into an interesting visual element. Wood countertops, tables, chairs and display shelves create a pleasant rustic contrast to the elegant metal lamp shades. A glass door allow customers to watch the coffee roasting process. 

The restroom retains the same mixture of industrial and elegant style by pairing a concrete sink with gold sconces. 

2. Biasol

Nunawading, Australia
Designer: Little Hugh
Photos: Ari Hatzis via contemporist.com

The unique Biasol coffee shop is what happens when interior design meets computational geometry. Experimenting with the latter, the designers created a unique look by extending the geometric pattern from the ceiling and walls all the way to the furniture. A combination of pale and teal birch panels cover the interior of the shop, breathing life into a long, narrow space, with little initial architectural interest. With its deep-colored nooks and sunny window seating, Biasol succeeds in being one of those coffee shop designs that look both bright and cozy. The tables and chairs echo the natural shade of the panels. 

3. El Moro

Mexico City, Mexico
Designer: Cadena + Asociados Concept Design
Photos: Moritz Bernoully via trendland.com

An old churreria and hot-chocolate shop dating back to 1935 got a facelift inspired by the Art Deco style. A white-and-blue tile mosaic dresses the floor and walls of the shop and extends its look to the facade. The furniture is simple, allowing the tile design to shine. The place gives off a clean, familiar feel, and draws the eye in after sunset. El Moro proves that sometimes, coffee shop designs need no more than one well-chosen element to charm the eye. 

4. Yellow Cafe

Seogwipo, South Korea
Photos via atotheme.com

Centered around the much beloved Banana Milk Korean drink, the Yellow Cafe is fittingly dresed up in yellow. However, it is not only this cheerful color that gives its interior its young, enthusiastic feel. The modern enveloping armchairs and upholstered chairs, the semi-private nooks, the fun tile floor of the serving area – all combine into a space that delights the eye with its bold approach to design. Even the piping gets the color treatment, forcing the exposed white industrial ceiling to make its own contribution to the colorful design. 

5. Verve Coffee Roasters

Kamakura, Japan
Photos via Team Cafe Tokyo

As the 10th store in the world and the second one in Japan, this Verve Cooffee Roaster cafe uses wood to please the local Japanese clientele, and art by Santa Cruz-based artist Jeremiah Kille to celebrate the store’s Californian origin. From the wood beams across the ceiling and the wood strips on the side of the counter to wood countertops, benches and tables, all the natural elements of the store are reflected in the natural look of the facade. The large wall graphics, with their graceful leaf motif, add another nature-inspired element to the space, but use colors to enrich and finish the look.  

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