Candy Store Design

Candy store designs are amazing opportunities for creativity and originality. First, the colors of their products provide endless chromatic inspiration. Second, they generally cater to children, giving designers a sense of freedom in being playful. Third, they are meant to give joy and happiness, which makes for a wonderful designing experience. 

Below, we put together a list with a few of our favorite candy store designs whose creators took the opportunity to be different.

1. Scoops N Smiles

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting

For the interior of this ice cream and candy store located in the Sunshine State, yellow came as a natural chromatic choice. There is nothing shy about Scoops N Smiles. Adding even more color to the yellow furniture and counter, large rainbow-like stripes run down the length of the walls. Together with large wall graphics, they are meant to stimulate the visitors’ appetite and create an energizing atmosphere.

Ice cream store design

Ice cream store design

2. The Candy Room

Melbourne, Australia
Designer: RED Design Group
Photos via

As a successful Australian importer of sugar-free candy, Sweet Enough opened its first retail store in Melbourne. Meant to be a destination place that provides some humor along with its treats, the store offers its visitors an unexpected experience. Against a completely white background, line artwork is used to create the illusion of a home furnished with everything from shelves and chairs to pet dishes and pots boiling on a kitchen stove. The result is a store where visitors become kids again, and where candy products are allowed to shine.

3. Candylawa

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Designer: Redesign Group
Photos via

Candylawa is one of the largest candy stores in the world, by this is not the only thing on which the store rests its fame. This veritable sweet-treat wonderland stretches over two stories in which each design element is shaped to celebrate the joy of eating candy. Massive columns in the shape of candy twirls, candy-like light fixtures, a lab for creating your own candy and a Wonka walk where you can search for your favorite chocolate – all come together into an out-of-this-world interior. A French-style cafe keeps parents happy while children explore every crane and nook of this dream turned reality. 

4. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Los Angeles, California
Designer: Gensler
Photos via

As one of the company’s multiple U.S. locations, Dylan’s Candy Bar in Los Angeles aligns with their colorful and original brand image. This is a whimsical store, with candy-cane columns, candy-filled walls, a lopllipop tree and a burst of colors and details that are designed to entertain the visitors and keep them exploring. The colors extend to the store’s facade, where lollipop images turn into a veritable international language for candy lovers.

5. Happy Pills 

Photos: Happy Pills

Barcelona-based Happy Pills proves that candy stores are not only meant for children. The company’s truly original concept extends to all its stores located in multiple countries, including U.S. and South Korea. Meant to recreate the atmosphere of a pharmacy, the store offers visitors “sweet remedies” for their pains – stress, hangovers, boredom and all the ailments of the modern world. Customers can come up with their own “prescriptions”, including labels, or choose from what is already packaged. 

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