Designer: SK Arquitetura
Photos: Marcelo Donadussi via

Passers-by through a mall in Igara, Brazil, have no choice but notice the oversized image of an ice-cream cone on the brick wall of one of the mall’s stores. It is a great way to invite them to test the Italian gelato that Gianluca Zaffari serves with great class in the middle of a relaxing ambiance. This gelateria interior design has everything to do with the calming effect of this charming store and achieves a lot without looking like it’s trying.

The color palette is simple, subtle and natural. A combination of white and light wood shades gives the interior a clean, fresh look and places it in safe, yet appealing neutral territory of personal tastes. The use of natural materials adds another level of visual comfort. Hydraulic tiles create a geometric pattern on the floor and brings in just the right amount of dark yellow to the muted chromatic combination of the store. Faux brick partially covers the wall and creates a raw yet clean look. 

The horizontal pine wood slats in the seating area dress the wall and have a slight rustic vibe. The warmth of the wood and its unfinished look create a sense of simplicity and familiarity. Through the use of these natural materials, the designers attempted to suggest the natural approach to making gelato out of wholesome ingredients. 

Balancing these natural elements, modern, almost minimalistic light fixtures, shelves and furniture ensure the appeal of this gelateria interior design to the modern taste. The wood counter and shelves continue the “natural” theme, together with a slim, space-saving plant for an extra touch of color.

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