Ice cream store designs are wonderful opportunities for creativity. The inspiration can be found in the colors, shape, even the crystalline structure of this delicious frozen dessert. It is no wonder that such shops offer some of the best visual treats in the commercial design world. Here are some with plenty of character.  

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Inside Scoop

Designer: Yee Ping Ling (Squa E Design)
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Rustic, industrial and urban elements come together in the design of Inside Scoop. The extensive use of wood creates a welcoming atmosphere and an original look. Wood planks line up the entrance wall, a wood bench sits underneath wooden window frames, and a spectacular wood ceiling structure looks over wood counters. At the back of the store, a seating area is built on a wooden platform and gives the place a layered look.

To lighten up the interior, yellow accent pieces are spread around the store: industrial-looking chairs, tables, stools and wall decor. In certain areas, the raw look of the floors and walls contribute to an informal effect. An ice-cream cone tile design spreads across the floor, while crates, greenery and neon signs create an interesting mélange of commercial and familiar.


London, UK
Designer: FormRoom
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Inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealism, Dyce is the ultimate Instagrammable interior. The idea behind its colorful and playful design was the desire to offer customers a place where they can shake off the formality and dryness of their everyday work life. Dyce caters to young people who want “experiences,” but also to families with kids that find this whimsical interior entertaining and that can find ample seating space on the amphitheater-style bench.

The fish-eye mirrors are a great attraction for kids. Mirrors are also extending onto the ceiling, allowing the store’s patrons to be completely immersed into the experience. The soft curves used in the design are inspired by the lines of smoothly flowing ice cream, while the pastel colors suggest fruity flavors and great fun.

Ice Scream

The Bronx, NY
Designer: Asthetíque
All photos courtesy of Costas Picadas 

Attempting to achieve the same Instagrammable effect and create wonderful memories for families and children, Ice Scream is a nitrogen ice cream parlor that serves futuristic frozen treats against a 50s and 80s-inspired background. Pink tile walls under LED-lighted arches provide a wonderful setting for inspiring quotes captured by large neon signs. A long white oak plank table runs down the middle of the room, creating a communal feeling. Pink tones, generous lighting and well-placed greenery make stepping into this store an exciting and memorable experience. 


Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Designer: Huuun
Photos by Miquel Torres via

Pannelatte offers ice-cream lovers delicious Italian gelato and design enthusiasts a charming interior with an artisan vibe. The idea behind this look was the desire to take customers back in time, to the old terraces and ice-cream stalls that fill their memories. The ceiling is decorated with almond flowers mixed with subtle lighting and contrasting with the blue-and-red chromatic palette. The nostalgic look of the red-and-white awnings mixes with a style used in Manhattan grocery stores at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Terrazzo floors, marble tables and an intimate corner where customers can enjoy their treat on a red padded bench complete the charming retro look of the store.

UYU Ice Cream Shop

Vancouver, Canada
Designer: Leckie Studio
Photos: Ema Peter via

Sometimes, one single element of design can define the entire brand of an ice cream shop. The UYU interior is centered around the wall and ceiling panels made of water jet cut metal and inspired by the crystalline patterns in frost. The contrast with the stained wood planks and the simple glass display case create a look of informal luxury. 

Rolling Cow

When it comes to ice cream store designs, simple may sometimes be the best option. An all-around white design may suggest the coldness and freshness of frozen treats and provides an excellent background for fun decor. It is exactly what this Rolling Cow rolled ice cream kiosk seems to achieve. The clean vibes it gives off and the tongue-in-cheek decor have an instant appeal. 

Crème Shack

Greenville, South Carolina
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Customers love ice cream store designs that seem to tell a story. Crème Shack looks like it has plenty to tell. The brick wall, wood floors, outdoor-style sconces, chicken wire details and the combination of traditional and industrial seating combine into a place that feels lived-in and familiar. The milk canister pendants above the counter are a playful detail, able to cause little amused smiles every time one sees them. 

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