If you can’t decide between a drink and a dessert, it’s good to know you can have them both when you choose a freakshake. The freakshake concept is a dream come true for those blessed with a sweet tooth – a milkshake topped with candy, pretzels, chocolate, cookies and a myriad other sweet treats stacked up to a very respectable height. From an interior designer’s point of view, it makes for a great source of inspiration and can lead to fun projects. The freakshake and donut store designs below (since donuts make for an excellent topping) prove this.

Freak Shake

Shuangjing, Beijing

Much like their freakshakes, this Beijing store does not hold anything back. While white and red chairs create a contrast that get customers’ attention, it’s the decorative globes that emerge from a oversized container and “float” in the air like bubbles that are defining this interior. Spherical light fixtures in gold tones repeat the motif above the counter. Behind it, a large neon sign invites clients to “get your freak on”, which makes for an excellent Instagram background.

Photo: Kyle Mullin via thebeijinger.com

Mr. Funk & Mrs. Bagel

Budapest, Hungary

When it comes to donut store designs, Mr. Funk and Mrs. Bagel is the ultimate winner. The interior is a veritable ode to the humble donut whose shape becomes the leitmotif. Whether it appears on colorful wall graphics, decals or the unique shape of the lighting fixtures, the donut tempts customers from each corner. 

The beauty of this store interior lies in the unique contrast between the ancient-looking brick walls and the contemporary decor. Bright and pastel color reminiscent of donut icing find their way in the herringbone pattern of the floor and in the unique collection of stools. Surrounded by brick walls, the interior should be dark, but it’s delightfully lighted; it should be cold and heavy, but it’s playful and light. This contrast between expectation and reality gives the place an exciting sense of freshness.

Photo by Oszkar Vagi via behance.net

Photo by Oszkar Vagi via behance.net

Pâtissez, Malaysia

Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Transplanted from Australian soil straight onto Malaysian land, Pâtissez offers out-of-this world freakshakes and hand-rolled artisan donuts. Their interior is cozy and approachable, with wooden details and nostalgic mid-century geometric floor and counter designs. The exposed shelves lined with chocolate jars spark the imagination, open the appetite and serve equally well as decorative elements. The rope light pendants with exposed bulbs are an original and charming detail that contribute to the familiar, informal vibe of the place. 

Photo via discoverkl.com

Photo via discoverkl.com

Pâtissez, Singapore

Holland Village, Singapore

The Singapore location of the same company has a more contemporary look, with large windows that allow daylight to flood in, a combination of contemporary lights and industrial-looking light bulbs, and painted wooden slats that decorate the front counter. Even though the interior can accommodate a fair number of customers, the light colors, the fresh design and the generous views make the store look open, airy and uncrowded. 

Photo via gigazine.net

Photo via gigazine.net

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