Sweet treat-inspired decor elements in unique dessert store interior

A pastry boutique in Monterrey, Mexico, is proving that a good dessert store interior design can go a long way in opening an appetite. Created by Savvy Studio, Cioccolato is a veritable place of culinary temptation for those with a sweet tooth, and a store difficult to leave empty-handed.

White dessert store interior with candy decor details

The dessert store interior is designed as a monochrome white background for the colorful sweet treats. While using white for placing products center stage is nothing new, Cioccolato takes it a step further. It transforms the background itself into a visual treat, appetizing enough to induce dreams of sweet indulgence at the mere sight of a table leg.

Chocolate-dripping table leg in unique dessert store interior
Splashes of chocolate on a glass-encased display and a table dripping with yumminess can single-handedly start the sweet wheels of temptation. As if that is not enough, the walls are covered with pictures of dessert in white frames, so that customers’ eyes always rest on a sweet treat. Some frames seem to trickle down the walls in another clever dessert-turned-decor tactic that instantly makes the accidental visitor a happy buyer.  

Dessert photos in white frames on the walls of monochrome pastry boutique

In the middle of the store, a large, well lit table laden with sweets makes the treats seem even more approachable. Beyond the visitor-to-buyer conversion rate that makes this decor an excellent marketing idea, Cioccolato has become more than a dessert store. Its inspired interior is a sight to see that attract customers by virtue of its singularity.

Cupcake photo used as a splash of color in dessert store interior

Via chuknum.com
Designer: Savvy Studio
All photos via chuknum.com

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