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As one of the largest candy stores in the world, Candylawa has an interior design that matches its magnitude in ingenuity. Located in the Panorama Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the store is a veritable wonderland where the exuberant flavors of sweet treats are masterly translated into design terms. The result is impressive.

Created by Redesign Group, a New Zealand-based design and branding firm, Candylawa extends over a two-story space – and each corner is a mine of surprises. The outburst of colors is expected in a place designed for kids, but Redesign excelled in molding them into inspiring shapes.

Between large columns shaped as massive candy twirls (a defining element of this interior), each detail echoes the shape and color of candy. Even the light fixtures, a David Trubridge creation, take the shape of the four Candilawa mascots – Mello, Sukar, Coco and Sprinkle – with a few candy light fittings for good measure. The mascots are a recurring element in the design of the store and that of the merchandise.

Another common element is the satisfying use of curves in the design of the space, from the shape of the entrance to that of the shelves. It is a choice that makes the interior different, approachable and intriguing.

In a place where everything is large-scale, the massive candy twirls are a fitting element: they seem to hold an irresistible power that wipes out any desire to escape and takes you on a fascinating journey through the store. This is not a place to visit on the run, but one to take in slowly, explore and enjoy.

The different functional areas of the store encourage direct interaction with the merchandise or unfold as part of a story. Here, you can fill your tins with jelly beans or create your own candy. There, behind a large window surrounded by candy-filled pipes, cupcakes are topped with icing – and the process is a show in itself.

A travel through the Wonka walk is a quest for your favorite chocolate.

Meanwhile, parents can take a break at a French-style café. It is a well-deserved rest after hours of exploring a place with no shortage of character.

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