Seating area with wooden tables

While the use of vibrant colors and daring chromatic combinations appeal to dessert store clients, so may a simpler approach and a drastically reduced color palette. A great example is The Dessert Kitchen in Sydney, a minimalist dessert store created by Australian designer Matt Woods. 

Here, the simpler approach is not just a simple design choice (partially driven by a limited budget), but one with deeper connotations. This Chinese cafe chain concentrates on healthy desserts with minimal amounts of fat and sugar. Reducing the design load mirrored the simplified process of clean dessert making.

Minimalist dessert store with brick-and-wood theme

White bricks create a light, luminous background for the functional and decorative elements in the store. However, the different ways they are used balance their unassuming character. Tight rows of bricks envelop the counters and walls, sometimes stopping at mid-height, sometimes turning into a mosaic of bricks and gaps, where the empty spaces provide the necessary visual contrast and pattern.

Every now and then, round cutouts in the brick “walls” make room for simple wall lights. Single pendant lights with round filtering shades mimic their shape, in a design where different elements of decor work together to create a cohesive look.

White bricks enveloping wall of minimalist dessert store

Set against this clean and crisp-looking sea of white and rectangular shapes, the tan furniture continues on the same simple theme. Combining the clean lines of metal frames with round or delicately curved seats and table tops made of Tasmanian oak and reclaimed stringybark wood, the furniture has a relaxing, organic look. Bench cushions add texture and an element of softness to the space.

Round bench in dessert shop

Other wood elements are used throughout the store to create a natural background for lush greenery, to provide shelving, or to hide unsightly appliances with an ingenious structure of parallel wooden rods. The timber construction gives warmth and character to other functional elements, from the dainty little stools that serve as mobile tables, to the large gantry placed above the bar, doubling as storage space and noise-absorbing element.

Minimalist dessert shop design with neutral tones

This entire minimalist dessert store design seems to be a continual search for a fine-tuned balance between round and rectangular shapes. Little touches such as the delicate presence of pink bowls and sugar pots or cactus plants give the store a more intimate feel.

Spherical light pendant in restaurant interior

Designer: Matt Woods
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