Struggling to fill server positions in your restaurant? Enter the LG CLOi ServeBot that ends your search and automates your dining area. Developed by LG Electronics and named one of the TIME’s list of Best Inventions of 2022, this new restaurant serving robot can transform and simplify your restaurant operations by lightening the workload of your existing staff and reimagining the dining experience. 

Restaurant serving robot with three shelves and UI display screen

Photo: LG Electronics

Featuring a 3-shelf tower construction and mounted on wheels, the smart LG CLOi robot holds dishes up to a total of 66 pounds, moves around the dining area and takes plates in and out of the kitchen. The robot is completed with a user interface display that plays double role as a friendly face.

One of the key features of the LG CLOi ServeBot is its advanced navigation system, which allows it to move seamlessly in crowded spaces while avoiding obstacles. Equipped with a 3D camera and sensors, the ServeBot follows its route based on advance mapping of the table layout and without human intervention. It also senses the removal of plates and advances towards its next destination.

Restaurant serving robot working tables in dining area

Photo: LG Electronics

The LG CLOi is the first commercial service robot that received UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification for safe operation in consumer environments and paves the way towards a new age in dining and customer interaction. So what does this new technological advancement mean for restaurant owners who decide to employ it?

While the LG CLOi can work autonomously and deliver contactless service, it also comes in as a solid option for assisting servers, helping with carrying dishes, reducing food delivery times and minimizing accidents that involve hot dishes and unstable plates. Far from reducing human contact, the robot actually allows the server to spend more time with the customers and attend to their needs, ensuring efficient service. This is even more important in restaurants where serving food involves moving a lot of plates, and therefore many trips to and from the kitchen. 

Waitress assisted by the ServeBot in bringing food to the tablePhoto: LG Electronics

But what about the customers? Do they like the new restaurant serving robot, or are they resistant to this new level of technology in their dining experience? Contrary to initial concerns, several case studies suggest otherwise: Restaurant patrons have shown genuine enthusiasm about the opportunity to interact with this friendly-looking robot. Witnessing the ServeBot in action adds an exciting futuristic vibe to the dining atmosphere, captivating customers’ attention and prompting them to capture and share their experience on social media.

In a time when encountering such a robot is still a rare experience, the LG CLOi proves to be an excellent marketing tool. It is perceived as fun and novel, is well received by customers and enhances their overall dining experience.

Two women enjoying the food served by a friendly-looking robot

Photo: LG Electronics

Despite its excellent customer rating as a restaurant server assistant, the capabilities of the LG CLOi ServeBot extend way beyond the dining arena. In hotels, the robot can provide concierge services, offering information about local attractions, restaurants and events. It can also assist with room service, delivering meals and amenities to guests’ doors. In a healthcare environment, the ServeBot can be utilized to deliver medication or medical supplies to different wards, which minimizes human contact and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Airports, retail stores and even art galleries are all places where the smart robot will find its uses and will minimize the impact of worker shortages by reducing the need for hard-to-find employees.

Mobile smart robot for use in restaurants

Photo: LG Electronics

The LG CLOi restaurant serving robot combines cutting-edge technology with practical applications and is set to revolutionize service-oriented industries. The future of commercial environments is being reshaped by intelligent and adaptable robots and is a fascinating thing to watch.  

Detailed construction of the restaurant serving robot

Photo: LG Electronics

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