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Apella Capital, a financial investment company, approached us to design their offices and asked for a space that employees could enjoy and customers could trust. The result was an office that balances vibrant colors and formal touches, and evokes both familiarity and professional competence.

We designed the office around an open space concept where employees are approachable and the idea of transparency is evident. Instead of confining cubicles, the work areas provide just enough privacy to give the employees the relaxing feeling of proprietorship and personal space, without cutting them off from their colleagues. This makes communication easier and creates a sense of belonging to a professional community.


Apella Capital wanted us to follow the design of their existing graphics brand and logo, and build on their colors. This was a perfect opportunity to use bright orange accents and the subliminal power of chromatics. Orange is an energetic color, able to stimulate the mind and create a work-inspiring environment, but it also appears friendly, confident and happy – which is exactly the feeling we wanted to induce in the company’s customers. Blue accents emphasize the sense of dependability and commitment.

Another requirement was a sustainable design, which we answered by using recycled carpet all around the office, long lasting LED lights for energy efficiency and distressed wood panels as wall treatments.

The “green” vibe is emphasized by the inclusion of plants as part of the design. We chose tall snake plants, with architectural vertical leaves that create natural dividers without impending on the feeling of openness. Aside from the fact that they separate functional areas and give the eye an anchoring element in this open space, they are excellent indoor air cleaners that remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene. They are low-maintenance plants that thrive in low-light areas.

This is a modern space that makes use of angular furniture and simple lines, both designed to inspire efficiency and straightforwardness. Because modern design runs the risk to seem cold, we warmed it up with earthy touches. Wood accents are present all around the office, upholstered furniture adds texture to the space, and geometric patterns balance the limited chromatic palette of the office furniture.

Graphics that are part of the company brand were blown up and turned into wall treatments covering entire walls or adding splashes of color here and there as framed pictures.

We kept the furniture light in color to brighten up the space and add to its openness. The result of our efforts is an office that evokes cozy and trusting feelings and that makes both employees and customers feel at home.

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