Creative lounge design with layered plywood counter

An unconventional concept dreamed up by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma takes Guranavi’s Osaka information center into uncharted design territory. Doubled by a lounge cafe and surrounded on three sides by large window walls, the space uses piled plywood to recreate all the elements of lounge design and awe with this unique concept.

Walls and shelves made of piled plywood in unique office and lounge design

The layered wood panels populate the entire space, from the walls, shelves and tables of the office to the counter and benches of the cafe area. Their irregular angles create a landscape that has an organic, almost accidental vibe, yet mixes the precision of geometry and the flair of an art piece.

Wood planks for walls and shelves in office doubled by cafe interior

Recessed and track lighting cast a soft glow on the pale wood planks, emphasizing the angles and shadows of the wooden boards. While the wood preserves its weight and raw look, the space is modern, elegant and sleek, with a perfectly finished look. 

Layered wood planks as tables and shelves in atypical office space

In the lounge, the uneven wood structure that serves as the counter creates shelves and recesses where food items are placed and showcased. Long benches, large steps and angular wooden projections offer plenty of room to sit and relax, and invite those who come here for a cup of coffee to look for a never-discovered nook or surface where to place their belongings. 

Creative lounge design with layered plywood counter

This perfect chemistry between wood and light is even more stunning at night, when this eye-catching landscape gains an almost surreal look, and when the office and lounge design flaunts its beauty through the large windows. 

Elegant office and lounge entrance design with large windows and soft lights

Illuminated office and lounge entrance at night

Designer: Kengo Kuma
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