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Any interior designer would be in a dream world in Shun-Shoku Lounge. Its creative design is such that anyone visiting would be moved by its airy, pale wood ans sophisticated lighting. The room color pallet perfectly matches with a lighthearted pale ale experience. For branding design, there is no better place, Shun-Shoku Lounge is composed of piles of wooden panels, and the interior creates a topography that looks like rare Japanese art meets coffeehouse with a comfortable seating. On the wooden ground you are served food and drinks.

coffee shop lounge interior design

cafe interior designer

Any interior designer or not would be pleased to eat here.  It’s best to visit Shun-Shoku Lounge on a weekend night when the lights in Osaka are low, and you will see the perfect chemistry of the wooden stratum and light of this lounge interior. V&A at Dundee has designed this place, and the cafe is perfect for any kind of events.  Here you can catch up on your work, and there is plenty of room for computers or any other activities on the long benches.

cafe interior design lounge

cafe interior benches

The space conjures up the perfect space to have a light meal and a cup of cappuccino or a bottle of pale ale, surrounded by relaxing wooden interior. The stacked wood give the space a nice, sleek look. And there is definitely plenty of room for more than one person to nest within these designed nests and find a place to work or talk. It’s an intimate space, yet it feels uniquely modern.

cafe interior design

cafe design ideas

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