Svelte counter stools and curved counter

A drastically reduced chromatic palette can have a great dramatic effect and emphasize, by contrast, the shapes and textures of a space. The Blanc i Negre black-and-white restaurant design draws a large part of its uniqueness and character from this simple, yet powerful combination.

Diamond-shaped details in black-and-white restaurantThe interior of this restaurant located in Ontiyent, Spain, was created by Ramón Esteve Estudio. The main aim of the design was to retain the sense of the restaurant’s long tradition, yet bring it into the present and make it attractive to today’s patrons.

Geometric-shaped chairs in elegant restaurantThe result was a clean-shaped interior where simple lines mix with an elementary chromatic combination inspired by the very name of the restaurant, to create a modern space with an unmistakable personality.

Contemporary black-and-white restaurant interiorThe contemporary geometric shape of the Faz chairs by Vondom is supported by a net of complicated lines reminiscent of modern engineering feasts, and is the first to catch the patron’s eye. But, while the furniture has a powerful visual impact, the accent features are the ones that add warmth to the mix. The beige ceramic flooring, the veined marble of the counter and the golden accents – all provide a level of detail that infuse the strict geometry of the space with subtle beauty.

Curved counter in bar area of black-and-white restaurantThe chairs echo the diamond-shaped ceramic tiles from the Faces collection by L’Antic Colonial (another Ramón Esteve creation), which were chosen as a way to create a bridge between the old and the new look. Their flat angular surfaces bring in texture and depth.

Wine display against wall with textured tilesThe lighting system, with its net of straight lines that dress up the ceiling, has an industrial flair that appeals to today’s tastes. Playing on the visual virtues of geometric lines down to the level of detail, this elegant black-and-white restaurant design appears as a cohesive work of modern artistry.

Industrial lighting in dining area

Designer: Ramón Esteve Estudio
All photos: Alfonso Calza via

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