Patisserie store design with wooden columns and large windows

Patisserie store design: atelie*r + Bereal
All photos © JULIEN FERNANDEZ – Courtesy of atelie*r + bereal via

Excellent design turns challenges into opportunities. In order to deal with the irregular geometry of the space, the designers of Pâtisserie Antoine in Bordeaux, France, created an interior whose lines not only mask the inconvenient structural and mechanical elements, but are a statement in themselves.

Modern patisserie store design with futuristic lookDesigned by the creative studio atelie*r  from Barcelona and the French interior architects Bereal, the space flows in lines reminiscent of the complicated yet clean cuts of a precious stone. The symbolism is clear. The cakes are treated here more like jewelry on display, and the vibe is indeed that of a luxurious store.

Jeweler's-inspired store design with luxurious cupcake displayWhile in the typical patisserie, the eye has to turn downwards to encompass the cakes, a long metallic structure with geometric lines is built along the perimeter of Pâtisserie Antoine and creates a wall where cakes are displayed at eye level. Behind the cakes, steel sheets with reflective qualities allow customers to view them from all angles.

Metallic cupcake display in patisserie store

Other geometric structures interrupt the horizontal flow of this elongated display, creating a viewing area for chocolates and macaroons and another floating display for biscuits and tarts. Offering some necessary contrast, a few wood columns are placed in the center of the store, with more cakes on display.

Wooden columns as dessert display in patisserie store design

This is another convincing proof that less is more. The clear lines and strict color palette reduced to only white, black and gray, come together into a space that places the emphasis on the patisserie products.

Appetizing cake presentation in dessert shop

Light is an important part in the general patisserie store design, working in tandem with the black ceiling mirror and lustrous resin finish of the display structures to create a clean, almost futuristic look.

Geometric structures in patisserie shop design

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