Dessert shop in black,white and natural tones

YOBA is a dessert shop that offers frozen yogurt, coffee and boba tea to a diverse clientele with a taste for healthy treats and trendy drinks. We recently collaborated in the creation of the interior branding and came up with an elegant dessert shop design worthy of today’s sophisticated tastes and of the memorable experience that YOBA wants to offer its customers.

While many dessert shops tend to visually capture the flavors of their treats in their flamboyant colors, this time we chose a subdued and refined palette that gave the shop a completely different look. The classic black-and-white chromatic combination, elevated by gray and wood tones, creates a look that suggests the quality of the treats and the pride this business takes in them.


Dessert shop boba tea

All the elements of design speak of the desire to pamper the YOBA customers. While simple and unambiguous, the black-and-white mix offers plenty of visual contrast to create a landscape that always offers something new to the eye. Black wall tiles, ceilings, lighting and furniture offer a background for other structures or become themselves accent pieces. The quartz countertops, the honeycomb floor tile and part of the ceiling brings in the crisp white responsible for the neat, clean and elegant look. 

Boba shop interior design and branding

Gray paint and furniture softens the contrast, together with the wood-tone touches that pop out against this chromatic mix, yet tone it down at the same time. Wooden slats partially line the siding of the counter and the deep soffits above it, emphasizing the curved contours of both structures. The same wood tones are reiterated in the laminate cabinetry and the wooden slats lining the back wall. The counter siding wall tiles bring all these shades toghether and reappear in the design of the seating area in the back.

This repetition and mirroring of finishes and of design elements create both the visual variety that keeps the interior interesting and the sense of unity necessary for a visually pleasing space.

Dessert shop interior design

We used a series of decorative elements that added new layers and textures to the shop’s walls. By the door, a green wall welcomes customers and serves as a background for an oversized neon-sign version of the store’s logo, the latter also being designed by Mindful Design Consulting. Another version of the logo appears on the opposite wall, mirroring the neon sign. At the back of the store, wall tiles mark the position of each table and emphasize the beautiful simplicity of the circular light sconces. 

Coffee shop interior design green selfie wall

While the shape and layout of the original space was typical and fairly small, we used a series of techniques to bring it out of anonymity. A large mirror behind the counter table creates the illusion of a deeper space, multiplies the light pendants and carries on the colors and finishes of the store, making it look even more detailed. The layering of the exposed ceiling, unified by the solid color, and the deep soffits that take both rectangular and curved shapes unravel a succession of shapes that brings life to the ceiling. At the back of the store, wood slats lining the wall from floor to ceiling soften the corner with their curved alignment.

Boba tea shop interior design

Lighting was an important part of this elegant dessert shop design. A combination of pendant lights, track lighting, sconces, recessed and linear LED lights complement the natural light augmented by the large mirror and the white finishes. The lit counter is the subtle addition to this mix. While all the element of design are sleek and simple on their own, their juxtaposition create an interior that looks clean and rich at the same time, reflecting a sophisticated taste and a bow to the beauty of contemporary design.

Board with colors, finishes, materials, furniture and lighting selection for contemporary coffee shop

Elevations, finishes and furniture for coffee and boba tea shop

Elevations and finishes for modern dessert store interior

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

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