Bright colors that raise the appetite in a fusion restaurant

Fusion restaurant design: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

Curry Fusion is a restaurant in Texas that brings together elements and dishes from different cultures into flavorful culinary creations. The flavor and warmth of these dishes inspired us to create a restaurant interior that is a visual expression of these two attributes. We also designed the restaurant’s logo and overall branding. 

Gray, white and red light pendants in fusion restaurant design

The space was long and narrow, so we tried to avoid the risk of having the interior reveal itself entirely at first sight. Instead, we created a space that asks to be discovered little by little, with details that are tied to each other, yet are different enough to engage customers’ attention and curiosity. Plants were one of these elements that reappear in different ways along the length of the restaurant, first as green walls, then as potted plants resting on high shelves, and finally as a wallpaper of luxuriant design.

Tropical wallpaper in a recessed area with dining tables

For this fusion restaurant design, we chose warm colors such as orange and red as a visual prelude to the hot flavors of the food. We layered these with a cedar board wall finish whose neutral tones are repeated in the surface of the pedestal tables. This balanced combination gives the interior the needed color, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye. The bright orange takes over the walls in the form of solid-color wall tiles, but their stretch is interrupted every now and then by large windows with white window frames and by white wall tiles that tone them down. 

All-white front desk in fusion restaurant design

The narrow interior is deceiving, however. Across the corridor from the windows, the space is getting larger and a set of tables creates a new dining section in a recessed area. Surrounded on three sides by walls covered in a tropical-theme wallpaper with luscious vegetation, this more secluded yet well-lit seating area gives customers lots to discover in the design of the wallpaper.

Narrow corridor through seating area in restaurant interior

Its blue, green and yellow tones are captured again in the stripes of the upholstered benches that serve as another seating option or a place where customers can wait to be seated. All thee are anchored by the dark gray floors and balanced by the all-white front desk.

Elevations for fusion restaurant design, plus furniture, finishes and lighting board

The lighting combination is one that we love using: Track ligthing to emphasize elements such as the green walls or the logo, recessed lighting to illuminate the darker areas, and light pendants to give contour, color and shape to the ceiling. 

Color selection for fusion restaurant design

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