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Kung Fu Tea, the largest bubble tea brand in America, is opening a new franchise in National City, California. Having already designed their Carmel Mountain shop in San Diego, we were happy to work on this project and use the company’s brand elements to create a new, yet recognizable look.  

Since the interior needed to appear instantly familiar to customers, we started with the same red and black chromatic scheme, but softened it by making black a secondary accent color. The red frames of the industrial chairs provide the chromatic interest, while the black appeared sporadically in light fixtures, window frames, baseboards or table legs, mostly accentuating the contours of the interior.

The rectanguar space had very few architectural quirks, so we created variety by alternating furniture pieces, light fixtures and materials. Pedestal tables coexist with a floating counter, chairs and stools with a wooden bench and metal with natural materials. 

Even the geometry of the space offers plenty to watch and takes the eye from spherical light shades to cage-like geometrical pendants or from the angular counter, bench and tables to the soft lines of the chairs or wall decor. We strived to keep a balance between all these elements by allowing this modern industrial look to take a slight romantic turn with its dainty and dreamy wallpaper.

The wooden elements, wood-slat wall and green plants give this boba tea shop design a relaxing feel. The white and gray paint allow all these details to pop and gives the eye a chance to rest. Balancing the countertop and white tile on the other side, white tabletops achieve the same goal. 

Upon entering, customers have the full view of the oversized Kung Fu Tea logo and its iconic dragon. A protruding wall allows the work behind the counter to go on discreetly, yet this area remain open for easy movement. The floor planks are installed in the direction of traffic, providing a subtle hint to the visitor while making the space look longer. 

On the left side, the counter area stands out, bathed in generous light and taking advantage of the reflexive nature and clean look of white wall tile. A few red accents such as painted line or a wallpaper detail attract the eye, emphasize its contours and balance out the red tones found in the seating area. For an extra splash of color, round wall decor brings together warm and cold vibrant tones and offers an Instagrammable background for those who want to spread the world. 

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