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A gelato café in San Diego, California, recently received the Mindful Design Consulting treatment. With a name whose Latin vibes intrigues and fascinates, Cor di Gelato is what happens when a Brazilian with Italian roots and a history in gelato making decides to share her passion with others. Alexandra, who made her first gelato as a child under the expert eye of her father, completed this informal yet valuable training with learning the art of traditional gelato at the Gelato University in Bologna, Italy. 

Her clients are the ones who benefit from this knowledge while tasting gelato made with locally sourced ingredients and using the traditions and techniques of Alexandra’s Italian ancestors. The store also has a great variety of vegan-friendly flavors.  

While cor is the Latin for heart, it is also the Portuguese for color. This happy coincidence brings together both the love for gelato and the image of its beautiful colors under the store’s name. In dreaming up this gelateria interior design, we started from the concept of appetizing gelato colors and made room for subtle messages related to the passion behind this enterprise.

An energizing turquoise tone became the main chromatic element of the interior. Used in combination with white elements such as wall bricks and ceiling tiles, this color gives off cold and refreshing vibes while remaining pleasing and inviting. 

Since the space was limited, we used a lot of details to make it interesting. The layered ceiling, protruding wall and open shelves keep the eye occupied. A colorful wallpaper with the store’s logo in appetizing gelato colors and a neon sign that asks for Instagram photos are not only charming details, but branding elements and a smart way to spread the world. 

A combination of recessed lights and svelte minimalist light pendants keep the ceiling free of clutter. 

For a welcoming feel and for mitigating the small space, we positioned the counter diagonally. Two large mirrors on opposite walls create the feeling of a larger space, while their printed design offers additional details about the store’s gelato. The wood shelves and floors bring in the natural vibe that suggests the store’s natural approach to gelato making. 

The colors of the gelateria interior pop against the black elements of the storefront that frame it as in a picture. Counter-height tables and colorful stools attract passers-by and give clients the chance to relax while enjoying their gelato.  

Using the brand colors, we helped in designing other marketing collateral and branding materials, such as the mirror print and the store menu.

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