High-end cannabis dispensary

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting

High-end design goes a long way in making cannabis dispensary clients comfortable in patronizing this types of businesses. This was the idea behind the design of the HPC dispensary in Port Hueneme, California. To present HPC’s top-grade products in the best light, we created a high-end interior able to support a positive perception of the products and their benefits.

We started with the entrance and waiting area, for a first good impression. We wanted this space not only to be spacious and confortable, but to celebrate right from the start the benefits of cannabis with both subtle and dramatic elements of design.

The choice of dark tones and black accents for this cannabis dispensary design creates the sophisticated vibe we were after. Against this background, accents shine and take a life of their own. Light-and-dark stripes transform the floor into a veritable focal point, against which shine the shape, color and details of a large tufted otoman. Its deep turquoise tones echo the color of the logo. 

Black light pendants mirror the shape of the cannabis flower. Their dramatic presence and artful treatment of the product is not only a visually pleasing addition, but also a subtle nod to the benefits of the cannabis plant. The different elements of the ceiling create a layered look that take the eye upwards and allow customers to discover more and more details every time they look around while waiting. 

White 3-D panels with a similar stylized-leaf pattern line the counter.

We had a choice between an HPC logo wall paper and the simpler, but equally impactful option of using large framed wall art. Both introduced color into this neutral space, and made use of green tones as a suggestion of the natural source of the store’s products.  

The same was achieved with the green wall in the ATM corner. Pairing this living wall treatment with white wall panels keeps the look fresh, uncrowded and interesting. Gold tones are found in accent elements all around the store, whether in the laminate counter siding or the modern track lights.

All these elements are repeated in the display area, where products are arranged in elegant glass cases or on well lit shelves. Everything here was designed with ease of movement in mind. The traffic flow is free and unobstructed, so that the customer, assisted by the budtender, can feel at ease. 

While different products are displayed differently, the overall design in cohesive and relaxing: the color palette is carefully restricted and great attention is paid to keeping materials, themes and accent consistent all over the store. 

The partially tiled ceiling brings an additional element of elegance to the interior, while the chevron floor pattern designates the display area and indicates the traffic flow of those who ar ready to exit. 

HPC is a wonderful example of how an elegant cannabis dispensary design can change customers’ perceptions and sell a product. 

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