Designer: Nir Portal Architects
All images: Shai Ben-Efraim via

If you are an ice cream lover with a secret passion for chemistry, the Glidium ice cream store design in Haifa, Israel, may be just the thing for you. Created (with a sense of humor) by Nir Portal Architects, this unique store is a sweet visual treat.

The idea behind this ice cream store design is the creative mixing of ingredients into delicious ice cream aromas. The first hint of a chemical lab as inspiration is the “periodic table” printed along the sides of the Corian board counter. Other details illustrate the main theme all around the store.

Toppings with short names inspired by chemical formulas invite to careful analysis. Displayed in metal tubes with front graphics reminiscent of molecular structures, they use the occasional decorative help of a plastic syringe. It is evident that the designers know how to use the power of detail, and that they have fun with it. Even the trash area is designed in the shape of an ice cream spoon.

Set against a series of white light boxes, rows of test tubes infuse the place with color. Beyond their chromatic role, the test tubes suggest the fun work that goes into creating new ice cream aromas.

The light fixtures make use of the same vibrant and playful color scheme. Made of PVC pipes and looking like transmitting tubes, they end with light bulbs that descend over the counter. Finally, modern geometric stools around black tables give this ice cream store design even more chromatic spark. From there, customers can contemplate the “ice cream lab” placed behind a glass wall, while enjoying their sweet treats.

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