Another X+LIVING creation is bringing the world of fairy tales into our everyday reality. Located on the second and third floor of a mall in Shenzen, China, Meland Club is an indoor playground designed for parent-child activities and completed with an out-of-this-world kids’ restaurant design. It is the latter that has recently been entered into the 2021 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards competition and that did not need any additional help to capture our attention.

Adopting a garden theme, the entire indoor amusement park offers children and parents a surreal experience. Oversized structures mimic the shape of flowers, birds and insects on a large scale, opening the door to an adventure of discovery. Inside the restaurant, the garden theme is somewhat toned down, but the floral motif is still present in elements such as the flower-shaped chairs or light fixtures and the petal-shaped decorative details.

Kids' restaurant design with garden theme

The colors are mostly autumnal, which gives the space a sense of chromatic and textural abundance. Bright and pastel tones balance and emphasize each other, while the amount of detail transforms the interior into a magic space, where the senses are always satisfied and where children can continue their adventure of discovery. 

While the vegetal inspiration is still evident, some design elements pay at the same time tribute to the amusement-park theme. Columns evoke the shape and colors of carousels, while some fruity tones can easily bring about images of delicious desserts. This is a place of joy and happiness and every detail speaks about it. 

Padded chairs in children restaurant

The Meland Club restaurant is a place for children of all ages, so it sounds fitting that every object is or seems to be well padded, from chairs and benches to columns and the impromptu ceilings. The impression is one of a safe world, where the harshness of the real one is muffled and where soft lines replace sharp and tough angles. 

Columns resembling a carousel in kids' restaurant inetrior

The scalloped edges become the leitmotif of the design. Even the structural elements are heavily ornamented with versions of it.

The shape of the furniture adopts the scalloped detail, too. All elements of design become reasons to play with circles, curves and soft lines.

The designers’ goal was to create a dreamland in which the outside world ceases to exist and where objects take phantasmagoric shapes. The abundance of detail, from the floral shape of the light fixtures and the ingeniously painted walls to the decorative floors and starry-sky ceilings create a perfect background for loving memories and gorgeous pictures. 

Even the bathroom becomes an actor in this fairy tale illusion. The blue-green walls arch gracefully over a heavily ornamented fountain-shaped hand sink with a luxurious look.

Finally, the magic continues in the event room where a deep-blue floral carpet provides the background for dainty chairs lit by a massive chandelier. The round walls and high ceiling seem to change shape and choose to softly descend over the table in yet another successful attempt to create a whimsical dream world. 

Kids’ Restaurant Design: X+LIVING
All photos via Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

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