Shawarma restaurant interior design with orange accent wall

As one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego, California, Shawarma Guys had lots going for it. An interior that measured up to the quality of its food and the stellar customer reviews was the next thing on its list. We happily obliged and came up with a shawarma restaurant interior design that makes the most of a small space while providing an informal sense of familiarity and comfort.  

White counter and black display shelves in contemporary shawarma restaurant interior design

The existing Shawarma Guys logo was the starting point in choosing a color palette for the restaurant interior. The energetic orange shade of the logo translated into an excellent accent color for the restaurant interior. Orange accent walls on two opposite sides give shape and substance to the space. The color is repeated in the ceiling screens that seem to illuminate the entire restaurant, and in the bench upholstery that ties it all together.

Because the orange color is strong, we kept the rest of the design neutral, with light-toned floors and walls. For patterns, we chose a decorative wall tile with large floral motifs in black and gray with which we framed the seating area, emphasized the condiment bar at the end of the restaurant, gave definition to the soffits, and created some contrast needed by the solid blocks of colors.

The black and red chairs pulled out the other two colors of the logo and tied everything in with its oversized versions displayed on the walls.

Seating area with orange upholstered benches in restaurant interior

In terms of layout, we needed a simple design that allowed for heavy traffic, quick dining and casual vibes. We used every square foot of the available space by adopting angular structures in the design of the counters and display cases as well as in that of the seating area.

This was even more important in this space since straight angles create a sense of order, absolutely necessary when working with a less that generous square footage. Square tables lined up against the wall work for this general effect, as do the angular counter and soffits.  

A series of curved elements lighten up the design. We used a variety of light fixtures, tied together by their circular shape and by their minimalist contemporary look. The black surface of the light shades is reiterated in the base of the counter, benches and door frames, and provide an anchoring element for this entire shawarma restaurant interior design.

Full view of seating area and counter side

Behind the seating area, larger graphics are rendered in light shades of gray, giving customers a hint on what culinary delights they can expect, but without competing with the oversized logo on the wall. On the opposite side, a white counter generously illuminated by contemporary pendants create a bright focal point. Behind it, a stainless-steel wall pairs with floor tile in the prep area to provide an easy-to-clean environment.

Restaurant design elevations

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

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